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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Let’s talk about fixtures within your home design. Of course you know you will have a kitchen sink, just like you know that a bathtub is a necessity, but have you thought about what other fixtures can be included? Here are some innovative ideas clients are considering for their future home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often argued as the most important area of the entire home. Being a place for not only cooking meals, but also social gathering, you want it to be as efficiently planned as possible. If your kitchen design has a center island, consider including a second work sink with a disposal for washing, cutting, and general food preparation. Leaving room for a spout above the stove is another option many homeowners love because it allows them to fill up pots for boiling water without having to carry the water-laden pots between the sink and the range.


Where once traditional countertop sinks were the most commonly chosen fixture, now there are vessel sinks, vitreous china sinks, pedestal sinks, and more to choose from. Looking at additional fixtures that can be included, perhaps you want to do as the Europeans do and incorporate a bidet. Including a sauna, steam room, or shower with multiple shower heads are other popular features that can also be considered.

Specialty Rooms

If your home will have a bar area in the basement or near a space of social gathering, including a sink and maybe even a compact dishwasher can eliminate the hassle of transporting dirty dishes between the kitchen and the bar. Perhaps your home will be located on the beach or mountainside and you are including a mudroom to lessen the intrusion of sand, dirt, or snow on the rest of your interior spaces—a wash basin or pet shower would be useful additions.

The Extras

What other areas could you consider? Don’t limit your creativity to just the main spaces within the home, think about the extras. For instance, outdoor showers can be of great use for homes designed on a waterfront location. Drinking fountains are also a unique thing to consider for cooling off on an outdoor patio, while hot water taps make a cup of tea or hot cocoa readily available on a cold winter evening in the mountains.

Now that you know, don’t forget to look for opportunities to add faucets, sinks, and other fixtures to your design to make your completed home more useful!