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What Will My Home Look Like?

Rendering using real photo

Rendering by Mountain Architects with Land Photo

For those of you who have been dreaming about your log home for years, you probably have a definite vision of what it will look like when you close your eyes. But, how do you know if your architect will share your vision? How does the image in your mind transform into the physical home of your dreams? The challenge for your architect is to not only create your design but also give you the confidence to move forward with your project.

While your designer will draw a detailed floor plan, floor plans can only give you confidence in the layout. At some point you will want to actually see the house. After all, it is not a floor plan that you will eventually walk into, it is a home. To meet this demand, most architects provide some kind of rendering of an exterior elevation. The designer might show one elevation, such as the front view, while other firms provide two or more angles. Some will hand draw, while others use sophisticated computer software.

While a hand sketch can be artistic, it may not show the level of detail that can be achieved with computer renderings. There is an art to rendering; depending on the skill of your designer, quality may range from a very photo realistic depiction, to a rendering which is more cartoonish in nature. Some architects even have the ability to place your home in a photo of your property, making the final picture of what your log house will look like clearer.

A key feature of your completed mountain style home will be how it blends into the surrounding landscape. Therefore using actual pictures of your lot not only brings to life what your home will look like on your property but is also very useful in the design process. If your property is sloped or wooded, this technique helps your designer and you better understand the lay of your land and how your home will fit into it.

After years of researching, planning and designing, your architect understands how anxious and excited you are to get your dream home started. By utilizing these rendering technologies and services, your designer can offer you an accurate and detailed glimpse into just what your future home will look like, thus giving you ample confidence to move forward with your project.

View an example set of preliminary design drawings provided by PrecisionCraft’s design group – Mountain Architects.

-Design Set

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