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"Cozy Living"

Spring 2006, McCall Home


“So many homes today are large and formal and they end up cold and sterile,” Rick said, “so we put a lot of value on the natural coziness of the wood.”

Drawknifed pine and white spruce logs, make up the exterior walls, beams and rafters of the 3,200 PrecisionCraft log home. The matching log railing that runs across both the upstairs and downstairs decks was hand knifed by Rick to match.

“It took us 10 days, but it was worth it,” Rick said.

Shauna’s favorite area is the living room that’s encased in warm wood highlighted by a massive white spruce log that runs above the rock fireplace.

“I like to put a fire on and sit down with a book and not have the pager and the phone ringing,” Shauna said. “I really enjoy the solitude.”

The house rests on a hill in the Spring Mountain Ranch development and is positioned to take advantage of the meadow view below. However, privacy is never an issue as the unique floorplan makes finding a secluded spot easy to find.

There’s a duplicate living room along with a game room, two large bedrooms and a full bath downstairs. While the upstairs carries the master suite and a guest bedroom, both with full baths, along with the main living areas.

The kitchen features knotty hickory cabinets and flooring as well as Italian-style tile on the counter tops.

The value of the home was exemplified earlier in the year when the Williams' had to drive up to the McCall area for an afternoon meeting.

“It was one of those where you drive two hours to only spend 24 and you kind of wonder why you’re doing it,” Rick said. “But the minute we walked in the door everything else just fell away and there was no question why we built it.”