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"A Home for Generations"

July 2010, Timber Home Living


Timber Frame KitchenThree families. One getaway. Such was the predicament Jay Prigge faced in creating a design for the spec home in Mammoth Lakes, California, to be shared with his business partners, Gary "Zip" Zipfel and Declan Caulfield and their respective kin.


The result: A 5,400-square-foot home boasting three master suites, two bunk rooms and plenty of entertainment space for all to enjoy. "It’s a multi-generational retreat, so to speak," says Jay. “It suits everyone."


As one of the partners in Strongbow Construction, Jay was elected to design and construct the custom home. Previously a log-home builder, he opted for timber-frame construction to simplify the maintenance of the home while still allowing it to live large. He worked with architect Matt Franklin at M.T.N Design/PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes to create a design that would fit the tricky site he had purchased with Zip and create a comfortable environment.


The key to such a plan is flexibility. "You’re going to want to have lots of different sorts of spaces," the architect explains, "to accommodate different tasks and recreation at the same time so multiple families can use and really enjoy the space." One shinning example is the play room, deliberately located above the garage to let night owls play without disrupting those who prefer an earlier bedtime.


Also important was striking a balance between the three master suites, each providing something of interest without favoring one space over the others. Although the upper-level master suite has access to private balcony, the main-level master suites enjoy amenities such as a dual-sided fireplace and easier access to the hot tub and sauna.


In addition to the three partners, the home is also open for friends to use. "There’s plenty of room," Jay states. "Our friends love it."




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