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PrecisionCraft Introduces the Cedar Bluff Floor Plan


PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes Unveils its Newest Design Concept Featuring A Sprawling, Western-Style Layout


After several months of anticipation, PrecisionCraft has introduced their latest design concept, a timber frame floor plan called the Cedar Bluff. The company has introduced a wide range of architectural styles in the past, and this Western-inspired design is a stunning addition to their expansive portfolio.


Cedar Bluff Design Concept

Reflecting on the popular trends of building in mountainous locations, PrecisionCraft’s in-house design team, M.T.N Design, sat down to create this beautiful timber frame concept. Focusing on the mountainous lots often seen in PrecisionCraft’s existing projects, the Cedar Bluff is aptly named for the design’s adaptability to sloping land.


As another tribute to current trends, this concept features an outdoor living space, accessed by a walk-out basement. This open-air patio is joined by several balconies and decks to complete the variety of outdoor living spaces depicted in the Cedar Bluff plan.


The main level of the Cedar Bluff offers all of the comforts of the typical living spaces while the second floor presents the seclusion of the master suite. Traveling down to the basement of this tri-level concept, you will discover guest bedrooms and specialty rooms like a wine cellar and exercise space. The Cedar Bluff provides the ability to accommodate for indoor and outdoor needs.


PrecisionCraft’s unique designs are just a starting point in a project’s road to customization. Each client has the ability to adapt a concept to meet their desired size, budget, and log or timber frame structure.



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