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PrecisionCraft Announces: Escrow Deposit Protection


PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes and M.T.N Design are pleased to announce the introduction of Escrow Deposit Protection. PrecisionCraft is a financially strong company with the highest credit rating offered by Dun & Bradstreet for its size and classification. Because of our financial strength, we can offer our customers the comfort and security knowing that any deposits made for a log materials package will be held in a third party FDIC insured escrow account. In these uncertain times, it is important that customer deposits are protected against risk of loss. Escrow Deposit Protection gives customers the peace of mind to know their deposits are 100% safe.


Builders, subcontractors and suppliers are offering tremendous bargains to build now and customers taking advantage of this unprecedented time will certainly reap the benefits. However, in these uncertain times, customers must be cautious about making payments or deposits that are not guaranteed or completely protected. PrecisionCraft is financially rock solid, allowing us the flexibility to escrow funds and in turn, giving our customers the peace of mind that their funds are safe and secure.




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