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PrecisionCraft Launches its New Total Home Solution® Center


PrecisionCraft launched its new Log Home Solution Center this week at! With this new online resource center, people worldwide can get a complete look at PrecisionCraft’s Total Home Solution®, a beginning-to-end approach for building custom mountain style homes. From creating one-of-a-kind designs through the entire construction process, PrecisionCraft’s center highlights how this unique approach utilizes streamlined processes, aggressive cost controls and cutting edge timeline management techniques to ensure the highest quality build standards at the best price.


As the only company to offer a Total Home Solution® within the log and timber home industry, PrecisionCraft provides clients with a seamless process achieved through a single point of contact & accountability. Acting as a client’s advocate through the entire homebuilding process, PrecisionCraft is able to eliminate the disputes, communication delays and unexpected cost increases that occur when multiple parties are involved. James Banner, General Manager at PrecisionCraft refers to their unique business model as "the industry’s most effective process for controlling cost & quality."


PrecisionCraft’s website offers a fresh look at the unique Total Home Solution®. From the new resource center, visitors can navigate and learn more about the individual components of PrecisonCraft’s approach:

  • Onsite Meeting: Visiting the client's site and attaining a complete understanding of their property.
  • Conceptual Design: Creating a design that reflects a client’s lifestyle, architectural preferences, budget, and build location.
  • A Cost Feasibility Study: Creating a one-of-a-kind design also means ensuring a client is completely comfortable with its cost. PrecisionCraft’s unique Cost Feasibility Study, delivered with the Conceptual Design, affirms that a client’s home can be built within the stated budget.
  • Builder Identification: Finding the highest quality builders in a client's build area to compete for the opportunity of winning their dry-in construction.
  • Best Price Bidding: Getting the best quality builders to prepare competitive bids, and evaluating each one for best price.
  • Flexible Construction Solutions: Choosing the construction solution that works best for you and your project.

According to Jim Young, President of PrecisionCraft Log Homes & Timber Frame,"The primary advantage of such a unique approach in the log and timber home industry is the client’s ability to see every detail of his or her project thought through and planned for before committing to construction. This means every client has the right design for them, feels completely comfortable with its cost, and enjoys the security that comes from such in-depth planning prior to making a commitment to construction."