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Design Creates the Ultimate Indoor-Outdoor Experience


Ready to make your getaway to a pristine log or timber home retreat? It won’t cost you a penny to immerse yourself in the latest in world class log home design from M.T.N Design, the log and timber home industry leaders.


Each month, those who want to bask in the best of majestic, eco-sensitive living will find the best of log home designs available at’s new online Log Home Solution Center, where aspiring retirement home, vacation home and luxury mountain homeowners won’t miss the forest and the trees.


This month’s unique French Country design, the Hickory Falls, features a hipped roof design, a custom timber frame truss at the entryway, and an impressive use of different materials. The latest design from the team at PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design illustrates how a combination of materials – log, timber, stucco, stone, and glass can come together and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


This design is also unique in its layout. The Hickory Falls’ floor plan features:

  • Beautiful courtyard adjacent to the home’s entryway and living area
  • Second floor balcony in the rear of the home
  • Impressive studio space above the garage
  • Master suite with outdoor fireplace
  • Large mud room/laundry room

When designing custom homes – especially log & timber hybrid homes, it is essential to recruit an experienced designer who has an in-depth understanding of the properties and behaviors of log and timber connections. It is also important to have unlimited, direct access to your designer throughout the entire design process --- from idea to the final home.


Each month, the team at M.T.N and PrecisionCraft work to create a plan that reflects architectural styling elements that are new, unique, or simply inspirational. Recognizing that design is the first and most important step in bringing clients’ visions to life, PrecisionCraft’s monthly designs give clients the perfect place to find what elements and styles best describe their own unique lifestyles and visions.


You will find PrecisionCraft’s exclusive log home designs and timber frame home designs, like the Hickory Falls, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Tellurides, the Klamath Mountains, the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians. Although PrecisionCraft is based in Idaho, you will find their log homes throughout the United States - from California to North Carolina, PrecisionCraft's Total Home Solution™ makes the way.


To sign up to receive the new monthly designs, please register. For more information on designing custom log homes and timber frame homes, please visit M.T.N Design: