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Designing and building carriage houses with PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes

3 Great Reasons to Build a Carriage House

A carriage house may sound palatial, but it is simply a garage with living space above it. Maybe you already thought of adding one to your home's design. Why not build that carriage house today and take advantage of your property, the economy and get a head start on your custom home project?

View from a beautiful mountain property

#1 Enjoy Your Property Now

Chances are, you bought your property for a specific reason. Maybe it is near a favorite recreational site or has a breathtaking view. Perhaps it sits next to your favorite fishing hole. You don't have to wait to start enjoying your land. Build a carriage house on your property now, while you wait to build the rest of your home later. Your carriage house will have amenities, a place to sleep, and storage. It's a great way to take advantage of your property now.

#2 Build in Stages with the Economy

One of the primary reasons people are holding off from building their custom home is the economy. While the economy may be keeping you from investing in an entire home right now, you still have options. By building your project in stages you can work with the economy. Build a carriage house now to take advantage of lower rates and material costs, then as the economy recovers, complete your home knowing that you got the best value for your entire project.

Hybrid log and timber carriage house


#3 Get a Head Start

We have already seen a spike in clients who are ready to get started on their custom log home projects. We anticipate this number to expand greatly in the next couple of years. When this boom hits, a limited supply of builders will cause project timelines to get pushed out. With your carriage house already completed, the timeline for finishing your entire project will be decidedly shorter.

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