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Inspiring Stories From Real Customers

Laurette Chateau

Take design ingenuity and cross it with innovative build solutions. What do you get? Inspired Living. Over the past few years, PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design have worked diligently to add a new design to our portfolio each month, each one highlighting a distinctive architectural flare.


Our ‘Log Home Design of the Month’ exclusive has sparked interest from around the globe with each new design added to PrecisionCraft’s wide ranging floor plan gallery. With over 65 of the most admired floor plans now showcased online, our design gallery offers a lot of inspiration!


So, what’s next? Has M.T.N Design and PrecisionCraft completed our palette of brilliant floor plans? Absolutely not; there are more to come! But, brace yourself as the artistic duo takes you for a detour over the next 4 months, sharing real life log and timber frame home stories of how M.T.N's new design creations come to life.


Kelly and MarieWith “stories you can build upon,” it is a detour that inspires distinguished living, featuring the story behind truly extraordinary mountain homes. Get the inside scoop on what inspired each home’s design – was it to build a legacy for family generations to come, to incorporate “green” elements to ensure energy efficiency, or to create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy? Despite the reason behind the design, you are sure to find inspiration for your own custom home here! With the launch of "Inspired Living," Stories You Can Build Upon, comes the amazing story of a family who built their legacy timber frame home in Central, Idaho.


"Building a Legacy Timber Frame Home"

Tour ImageOur first "Inspired Living" story takes place within the Boise National Forest. From the highway below you can just make out this magnificent timber frame home setting high on the hill. This is the story of Kelly and Marie; from finding the perfect build site to the joy of living in their new timber frame home.


Read "Building a Legacy Home" and see how the combination of their incredible view, M.T.N Design and the chance to create a legacy home inspired Kelly and Marie to build this remarkable mountain home. When you read their story you can take a pictorial tour of their finished timber frame home, viewing images of rooms from multiple angles.




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