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Introducing the Truckee - by M.T.N Design!

The Truckee Luxury Hybrid Log Home Cabin Design
1,565 Square Feet   View the Truckee log cabin floor plan and features

January's Rustic Luxury Log Cabin Design

Introducing the Truckee, our final Rustic Luxury™ Log Cabin design. This month's plan is a single level handcrafted post & beam design that incorporates stone and vertical siding.


Rustic Luxury Log Cabin plans are designed to offer discriminating homeowners the ideal blend of size, warmth and rustic elegance. Let M.T.N design a custom log cabin home to meet your own unique desires.


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Make the Truckee Your Cabin Home

The Truckee, like all log home designs by M.T.N Design, can be changed to fit your style & budget.


Learn more about working with M.T.N Design and PrecisionCraft to create your own custom log cabin home.




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