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New floor plan or new perspective?

Rendering of the Ohterside

A Change in Perspective

Sometimes, all it takes is a change in viewpoint to alter feelings about a particular design concept. In this latest email series, PrecisionCraft will be taking a fresh look at a few plans that may not have made it on your top ten list the first time you saw them. See if you can recognize the other sides of these three Appalachian Style designs.

Hybrid Home - 2896 sq.ft.

Ashland Back Rendering

This rear elevation rendering offers an alternative look at this hybrid log and timber concept's distinctive Appalachian style. Simple rooflines and rustic elements casually extend to the front view where an expanded timber truss completes its signature look.

And the floor plan is...

Hybrid Home - 3227 sq.ft.

Alderbrook Front Rendering

Revealing a continuation of the design's indicative screened-in outdoor living space, this side, which shows the formal entry, offers an inviting yet subtle look that complements the well-known rear view's rustic attributes.

Discover the floor plan now

Hybrid Home - 2296 sq.ft.

Targhee Front Rendering

Markedly one of the most visually distinct floor plans in our Appalachian series, this front rendering maintains the impactful blend of stone and square logs that is seen in its rear view. With 360 degrees of dynamic architectural appeal you can see why it was difficult to choose just one angle as the primary rendering.

Reveal the floor plan now

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