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New floor plan or new perspective?

Alternate Views - New Renderings

See Them Again for the First Time

In our second installment of Alternate Views we chose three popular plans from our Western Log & Timber style gallery. Once again we invite those of you familiar with our gallery to try and guess the floor plan before visiting the website to see if you are correct. Stay tuned for two more emails in the next couple of months.

Handcrafted  Home - 3257 sq.ft.

Front Rendering

For those who have seen the front side of this log home plan, you may recognize the signature crossed log pattern seen in the great room window.

And the floor plan is...

Timber Home - 4027 sq.ft.

Front Rendering

The original rear-side rendering of this conceptual plan has inspired a number of clients over the past few years, but the front creates a similar impact.

Discover the floor plan now

Hybrid Home - 2794 sq.ft.

Rear Rendering

Each elevation of this design has real architectural interest. Mixing square log walls, timber frame, stone, glass and siding, this plan is a perfect example of western architectural design.

Reveal the floor plan now

PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes

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