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Two New Design Awards for PrecisionCraft

PrecisionCraft wins two awards from the NAHB Building Systems Council

PrecisionCraft Wins First Place Awards

This year marks the sixth year in a row that PrecisionCraft has been selected out of a sea of industry professtionals and recognized for its excellence in design at a Nationally-renowned conference.

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Excellence in Green Design

This log home was selected as the winner for excellence in green design based upon its commitment to sustainability. An Oregon couple decided to build this second-home as a winter retreat by Mt. Hood, including design features like an airtight envelope and energy star appliances. The inclusion of sustainable technologies ultimately earned this home a LEED Platinum certification.

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Custom Log Home

Design Excellence 2,001 to 3,000 sq.ft.

This 3,600 square foot milled log home stands out among the rest in its category for its adaptation to its surroundings. This floor plan concept was concieved hen a Texas couple came to PrecisionCraft with a narrow penninsula lot they wanted their home to be built upon.

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