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Customizing Floor Plans By Levels

Customize Any Design: Altering Levels

We have reached the halfway point in our exciting customization series! In previous installments you saw examples of size and product alterations, today we focus on changing levels. There are many ways that clients can modify a plan by using level alterations to accomplish their goals, here are a few past project examples.

Original Rockpoint

Rockpoint Floor Plan Example


It is not uncommon for clients looking for a single level design to find inspiration in a multi-level plan like the Rockpoint. This example shows how the client altered the original design to a single level by eliminating the loft and two-bedroom suite above the garage.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Removed loft space
  • Reduced number of bedrooms
  • Eliminated connecting garage space

Visit the Rockpoint page

Original Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest Floor Plan Example


Many people want their master suite to be located on the main level of the home. This client moved the Eagle's Nest master suite and bunkroom to the main floor, turning the multi-level design into a single level.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Reduced bedrooms from 4 to 3
  • Reduced number of bathrooms
  • Moved bunkroom and master suite to main level

Visit the Eagle's Nest page

Original Washington Harbor

Washington Harbor Floor Plan Example


The land's natural slope allowed this client to add a walkout basement to the original Washington Harbor concept. By doing this, they created extra living space without increasing the home's footprint.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Added a walkout basement
  • Created an additional bedroom
  • Created additional outdoor living space

Visit the Washington Harbor page

Original Wood River

Wood River Floor Plan Example


By incorporating a basement into the original Wood River design, this client's designer was able to add living spaces like a guest suite, den, spacious laundry room, and patio.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Expanded the master suite
  • Added a walkout basement
  • Reconfigured entryway layout

Visit the Wood River page

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