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PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes

Timber Frame Winterpark

Customize Any Design: Altering Log & Timber Materials

Are you ready for the next installment of our customization series? Last month we began with client examples of square footage alterations. This week we take a look at altering product styles. No matter what your log or timber preference is, PrecisionCraft can modify any design to work with your desired materials.

Here are some examples:

Clearwater Title

Clearwater Floor Plan Example


By adding square log walls to the timber frame structure, this version of the Clearwater became a hybrid style home that better fit the client's rugged Canadian lake front location.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Included a ski room
  • Mirrored the original floor plan
  • Modified product from timber frame to hybrid log and timber

Visit the Clearwater page

Winterpark Title

Winterpark Floor Plan Example

The Winterpark is a classic log home design, however this couple's architectural style leaned more toward timber frame and very rustic finishes. The result of this modification is a unique look that fit their small mountain town.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Moved the master suite to main level
  • Added walkout basement and garage
  • Modified product from milled log to timber frame

Visit the Winterpark page

Upland Retreat Title

Upland Retreat Floor Plan Example


The Upland Retreat's unique architecture was an immediate draw for this Washington couple. By removing the log walls - which resulted in a Mountain Accent™ version of the design - and using less rustic finishes, the clients achieved the suburban look they were after.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Created an additional 700 sq. ft.
  • Added a garage with a breezeway
  • Added an above garage apartment
  • Modified product from handcrafted to timber Mountain Accent ™ Home

Visit the Upland Retreat page

Shenandoah Title

Shenandoah Floor Plan Example


Building on an 800-acre ranch in a small community, this couple wanted a cabin feel with authentic handcrafted logs. The unique look of the Shenandoah concept was easily modified to include their desired product, creating the ideal cabin they had dreamed of.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Reconfigured the master bathroom
  • Switched the kitchen and dining room
  • Modified product from milled to handcrafted

Visit the Shenandoah page

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