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Customize Any Design: Redistribute Square Footage

The final piece in our exciting customization series is here! You have followed along for months as we shared examples of size and product alterations, as well as changing levels. In this final installment we will cover redistributing square footage. For many clients, the design concept they love doesn't always fit perfectly with the layout they had in mind, here are some ways past clients have redistributed a plan's square footage to fit their needs on every level of the home.

Original Rockpoint

Roanoke Valley Modified Example


Following the natural grade of their Southern Indiana location, this client decided to reallocate some of their loft's square footage towards a daylight basement. In addition to changing the layout, the couple also altered their design from full handcrafted to mountain accent.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Reduced Loft Space
  • Added a Main Level Bath
  • Added an Unfinished Basement

Visit the Roanoke Valley page

Silver Springs Rendering

Silver Springs Modification Example


Building on 90 acres at the base of the breathtaking Sangre de Christo mountain range, this client chose to create a custom version of the Silver Springs that took advantage of their rolling landscape by removing the second floor to allow for a walkout basement.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Reduced by 500 square feet
  • Added a Daylight Basement
  • Mirrored Main Level Layout
  • Removed Second Floor

Visit the Silver Springs page

Original Aspen Peak

Aspen Peak modified example


The Aspen Peak's open, view-oriented layout has attracted many past clients. It was this feature of the layout that drove this client building a second home in Sun Valley, to include an open loft in their modified version.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Eliminated Basement
  • Reduced Number of Bedrooms
  • Removed Garage
  • Added an open Loft

Visit the Aspen Peak page

Original Crested Butte

Crested Butte modified example

Often, when clients look to add square footage of their home without expanding the footprint, their designer will suggest adding a level. For this family, they took the essence of the design they loved, added over 600 sq.ft., and modified it by moving bedrooms to the basement as well as creating room for specialty spaces like a rec room and wine cellar.

Plan Alteration Highlights:

  • Reduced Main Level
  • Reduced Loft Space
  • Added Basement Level
  • Mirrored Original Floor Plan

Visit the Crested Butte page

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