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Investing in your family's future.  Not only their future economic health, but the memories and fun you will have in your custom Mountain Style Home.

Someday is Here

On average it takes about a year or more from the time you begin your conceptual design, until you can move into your custom log or timber home. Don't wait any longer to enjoy 4th of July celebrations, winter vacations and family gatherings in your dream home! As the economy improves, construction costs will rise and interest rates will go up. Now is the right time to move forward with your design.

Invest in Stages

At PrecisionCraft we have created a process for building your home which allows you to progress at your own pace. Each stage covers one aspect of your custom log or timber home project and payments are divided at each milestone instead of being made all at once. You decide when to move forward.

  1. Design Process (Conceptual Design and Cost Feasibility Study)
    - Once complete: Continue to construction drawings immediately or set your own pace
  2. Pre-Construction (Final Construction Drawings)
    - Once complete: Continue to manufacturing or choose a future date
  3. Manufacturing and Construction
    - Construction only begins after you give your approval to move forward

PrecisionCraft Has Strong Financial Backing

Although PrecisionCraft is still located in Idaho, and operates as it has for the last 20 years, we are now part of PFB America which is owned by PFB Corp in Calgary. PFB Corp is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and reported record sales for 2011. There is no doubt that if you begin your design with PrecisionCraft today, we will be with you every step forward no matter how long it takes before you turn the key to enter your custom mountain style home.

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