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Log Home Newsletters

PrecisionCraft Email Blast Archive: Log Homes and Timber Frame Homes

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New Galleries: New Photo Inspiration for your Mountain Style Home


PrecisionCraft's three newest photo galleries showcase a post and beam home, a handcrafted log home and a hybrid milled log and timber frame home. While each has it's own look and feel they can all inspire features of your custom mountain style home.


Design Introduction: The Buffalo Creek


The Buffalo Creek is a design which showcases a variety of architectural ideas. A mixture of rustic materials including authentic handcrafted log walls, copper roof accents, vertical siding and heavy timber frame trusses work together to create a large, traditional western home.


New Galleries: Caribou Inspired Homes


View photos of two different homes inspired by our popular Caribou design concept. Our first new gallery features a timber frame version located in Washington state. Using the same design as the starting point, the second homeowners worked with M.T.N to work with their sloped lot and milled logs.


Design Introduction: The Crescent Rim


While the appeal of a rustic handcrafted log home still inspires many, a growing number of our clients are finding their inspiration in a more modern look and feel. Our latest design idea, the Crescent Rim, uses varied roof-lines, timber framing and lots of glass to create a modern wood home.


New Galleries: Possum Kingdom Timber Frame Home & Handcrafted Carolina Lodge


These two new photo galleries explore homes that fit their locations; a ranch style timber frame home in Possum Kingdom Texas and a handcrafted log home in rustic North Carolina.


PrecisionCraft Announces: The Structural Envelope


From foundation to roof, PrecisionCraft and our sister companies design, manufacture and supply the materials that will comprise the structural shell of your home. Learn more about PrecisionCraft home's Structural Envelope and its benefits in this email.


New Gallery: Wisconsin Hybrid Home


This recently added photo gallery showcases a lakeside log and timber home in Wisconsin. Squared log walls and textured timber framing reflect this home's natural setting.


New Gallery: Colorado Milled Log Home


Explore PrecisionCraft's recently added photo gallery of this Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie style inspired home. Crafted from milled log, this single level home blends seamlessly into the surrounding Colorado landscape.


Alternate Views 4: French Country Style


As the last installment of our Alternative Views campaign we take a fresh look at three popular French Country style design concepts.


Alternate Views 3: Craftsman Style


Take a fresh look at three Craftsman designs from a different angle in the third installment of our Alternative Views email series.


Alternate Views 2: Western Log & Timber Style


The next email showcasing alternative angles features a few of the plans located under the Western Log & Timber Style.


Alternate Views 1: Appalachian Style


As the first in a series offering fresh perspectives on PrecisionCraft plans, this email installment features alternatives views of three Appalachian style concepts to inspire your home design.


Across the Land 4: Custom Homes Across the Land


In this final installment of a series entitled, 'Homes Across the Land', PrecisionCraft features several custom designed homes throughout North America and the characteristics that make them unique.


PrecisionCraft Announces: Rustic Architecture - Introducing A New Interactive Digital Magazine


PrecisionCraft proudly presents the release of the premiere issue of Rustic Architecture, a new digital interactive magazine created to inspire and excite future home builders, remodelers, and those who just love the look and feel of log and timber homes.


Across the Land 3: The Wood River Across the Land


Part three in PrecisionCraft's new and exciting series offers a glimpse at homes across the land that were inspired by the Wood River design. Explore these homes and how client's altered this beloved design to make their own project completely their own.


Across the Land 2: The Crested Butte Across the Land


The second installment in PrecisionCraft's campaign showcasing images of homes across North America inspired by a variety of popular design concepts. This second newsletter features five homes inspired by the Crested Butte design.


Across the Land 1: The Caribou Across the Land


PrecisionCraft launches its latest 4-part campaign featuring homes across the land inspired by some of their most popular design concepts. This first installment features homes throughout the U.S. that were based on the Caribou concept.


Customizing Floor Plans: Altering a Floor Plan by Redistributing Square Footage


This final installment in a four-part customization series features 4 home designs that took an original design concept and redistributed its square footage to better suit the client's needs.


Customizing Floor Plans: Altering a Floor Plan's Levels


In the third part of PrecisionCraft's series on design customization, this email showcases how 4 clients took a conceptual floor plan and altered the levels of the design to reflect a look and feel that matched their project and lifestyle best.


PrecisionCraft Announces: When to Start the Design Process


The journey between dreaming about your log home and turning the key on your finished project could span years. Read along as this email outlines where you should be in your design process in the years prior to building your home.


Customizing Floor Plans: Altering Log and Timber Product


As the second part in PrecisionCraft's series on design customization, this email showcases how 4 clients took a conceptual floor plan and altered the log or timber product to reflect a look and feel that matched their project and lifestyle best.

Customizing Floor Plans: Altering Square Footage


PrecisionCraft creates unique design concepts that allow clients to customize them to fit their lifestyle. This email highlights 4 examples of past client's designs that modified original concepts by either reducing or enlarging the square footage.


PrecisionCraft Announces: Spotlight in National Media


PrecisionCraft's leadership in design has spurred attention by two national media outlets. Read an interview with design manager, Celeste in Log Cabin Homes and watch an interview with designer, Tim Brock in Epic Log Homes.


PrecisionCraft Announces: New Photo Gallery


PrecisionCraft has released a brand new photo gallery to explore and draw inspiration from. View albums based on home styles or spaces within the home with this new, user-friendly gallery.


PrecisionCraft Announces: New website for M.T.N Design


PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new website for the in-house design firm. Be the first to check out the site's new user-friendly navigation and see what M.T.N Design is working on now.


PrecisionCraft Announces: BSC Awards


PrecisionCraft has done it again at this year's annual BSC Awards. Taking home two Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Design, PrecisionCraft adds these accolades to their honored list of previous years' awards from the BSC.


Design Introduction: The Cedar Bluff Timber Frame Design


PrecisionCraft releases yet another one-of-a-kind design concept, the Cedar Bluff, to use and be inspired by. Take a look at this western style design and envision how you and your family would live within it.


Project Spotlight: August's Featured Timber Frame Home


Inspired by the popular Crested Butte design concept, this August's Spotlight features the stunning timber frame home being built in Illinois. Read project highlights and learn why the couple chose the Crested Butte and what they did to make it their own.


Project Spotlight: July's Featured Timber Frame Home


July's Project Spotlight showcases a custom timber frame home going up in Alyeska, Alaska. Highlights from this project reflect on the experience building through an Alaska winter and offers progression photos of the home.


Project Spotlight: June's Featured Hybrid Home


This June's featured project offers highlights from an exciting, new home being built in Utah. This timber frame home is inspired by the Crested Butte design concept and offers a glimpse at what it is like to build in the Uinta Mountains.


Project Spotlight: May's Featured Post and Beam Home


This month's featured home is inspired by the Huntington design concept and is being built for a delightful couple in New Mexico. Read project highlights for this unique post and beam home and progression photos.


3 Reasons to Start Project Now


With the continual uptick in the economy happening all around us, what better time is there than now to build your dream home? Here PrecisionCraft lists 3 reasons why you should begin the initial steps in your log or timber project.


Inspired Living Series: Sustainable Log Home Retreat


The Ryans, a couple from Oregon and the subject of this month's Inspired Living, share with us their energy efficient winter retreat. This log home was inspired by Mt. Hood's natural beauty, and the couple's desire to become LEED Platinum certified.


Inspired Living Series: Blending European Style & Western Tradition


In this Inspired Living installment, we meet Idaho couple Fernando and Sylvia. Read what inspired them to build their unique hybrid home that blends a European style design with the tradition of the Western world.


Design Introduction: The Creekside Timber Frame Design


PrecisionCraft proudly introduces the Creekside, a new timber frame design by M.T.N Design. This Pacific Northwest influenced design features a creative blend of timber, stone, and roof pitches to provide a design that can be adapted to fit your unique location.


PrecisionCraft Announces: Interior Design Services


Cabinetry, flooring, fireplaces and more, let M.T.N Design create your interior space as well as the structure of your home. By adding Interior Design services, we are able to provide an even more to our existing Total Home Solution®.


Design Introduction: The Huntington Post and Beam Design


Introducing the Huntington, a new design by M.T.N Design. This concept is drawn as log post and beam with stone and wood siding. The layout includes a generous media room and a covered balcony with built-in fireplace.


Inspired Living Series: Jackson Hole Haven


No matter what style or size of log home you are looking for, this spectacular handcrafted log home will inspire your imagination. Built in the valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this home is reminiscent of historic western lodges you would find in America's National Parks.


Inspired Living Series: Tradition Meets Contemporary


If you still think that all log homes look the same, you should read our story about this contemporary log home built in Maine. As with all of our Inspired Living stories, you can take a photographic tour of the home.


Inspired Living Series: Adirondack Living, Georgia Style


In a return to our popular Inspired Living series, we showcase a post and beam log home in Northern Georgia. This home has something for everyone, including a screened in porch and game room.


3 Great Reasons to Build a Carriage House


Carriage houses are a great way to take advantage of your land, the economy and your project timeline. Learn more about why building a carriage house might be a perfect idea for you.


Floor Plans Under 2500sq.ft. : The Caribou at 1,935 Square Feet


A perfect example of how to redesign a handcrafted log home into a stunning Mountain Accent™ Home to get just what you want, for a lower turnkey price.


Floor Plans Under 2500sq.ft. : The Winterpark at 2,011 Square Feet


This classic log cabin design provides great family spaces both inside and out. The Winterpark turnkeys at about $525,000.


Floor Plans Under 2500sq.ft. : The Alderbrook at 1,880 Square Feet


See how M.T.N Design can create a homes with a smaller footprint, but retain the great architectural style we are known for. This home turnkeys at about $450,000.


Design Introduction: The Chaumont, a French Country Design


Looking for a special design, with unique character and a mixture of mountain style elements? Maybe our newest design, the Chaumont is what you have been seeking.


Inspired Living Series: Rustic Charm, Meets Luxury Style


In our third installment of Inspired Living, we showcase the handcrafted log cabin of David and Susan in Eastern Idaho. This is a breathtaking home built to appear one hundred years old. Read how their property and the history of the area inspired David and Susan's rustic home.


Inspired Living Series: A Tale of Three Families


With our second Inspired Living story, we illustrate how three different families, inspired by the same floor plan concept, created three distinctive homes. Compare each of the floor plans and read the stories behind each home. This is a great opportunity to see how customization can truly make your home unique.



Inspired Living Series: Building a Legacy Home


Using their inspiring words, images of their beautiful home and an interactive floor plan, we tell the story of Kelly and Marie. Their amazing timber frame home overlooks a beautiful Idaho valley and was built to entertain family and friends for generations to come.



PrecisionCraft Announces: Escrow Deposit Protection


Escrow Deposit Protection gives customers the peace of mind to know their deposits with PrecisionCraft are 100% safe. Learn more about this service and why now is a great time to build.



Green News: LEED® Log Home Showcase


The first log home to be certified Platinum by the USGBC LEED™ for Home program is showcased in this email announcement. Learn more about the home and link directly to a "green tour" of this one-of-a-kind log home, built in Oregon.



Green News: A Green Building Approach


With so much focus on sustainability and "green" building, this email newsletter introduces PrecisionCraft's approach to building green. Learn more about our services and where to get additional green building information.



Design Introduction: Rustic Luxury Log Cabin #4 - "The Truckee"


The fourth in our Rustic Luxury Log Cabin series is this handcrafted gem, the Truckee. M.T.N Design was able achieve the unique look of this rustic cabin by using handcrafted post and beam construction, vertical siding and stone work.



Design Introduction: Rustic Luxury Log Cabin #3 - "The Targhee"


The size of your home, the materials that go into it and the distribution of square feet are all important aspects of your log cabin design. Check out how M.T.N Design used log timber and stone to create this tri-level log cabin: the Targhee.



Design Introduction: Rustic Luxury Log Cabin #2 - "The Trian"


If you are interested in the look of timber frame, but require a smaller cabin size home, check out the Trian, our Rustic Luxury Log Cabin introduced this month.



Design Introduction: Rustic Luxury Log Cabin #1 - "The Telluride"


For those looking for a distinctive log home, in a smaller square foot print, we introduce the Rustic Luxury Log Cabin series. See what kind of homes M.T.N Design can create at a log cabin size.