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Log Home Articles and Timber Frame Stories

PrecisionCraft Homes Featured in Log and Timber Home Magazines


January 2015

"Melting Pot Masterpiece" - Log Cabin Homes Magazine


Originally from Argentina, this couple built a hybrid log and timber home that reflected their roots and their new home's location.


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July 2014

"Hitting the Target" - Log Cabin Homes Magazine


A championship trap shooter aims to build a self-sustaining handcrafted log home in North Carolina and achieves LEED Gold certification.


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June 2013

"Mountain Modern" - Timber Home Living Magazine


In this article of Timber Home Living, M.T.N designer, Matt Franklin is interviewed about the Pacific Northwest style timber frame home he designed on the hills of Cle Elum, Washington.


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March 2013

"Trend Watch" - Log Cabin Homes Magazine


Log Cabin Homes interviews M.T.N Design to learn more about trends in the industry, as well as our unique approach to designing log and timber homes.


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Annual Buyers Guide 2013

"Designing for Tomorrow" - Log Home Living Magazine


After years of traveling 90 minutes between their home in Portland, Oregon, and Mount Hood to ski, Mark and Crystal Ryan decided to build a vacation home of their own.


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October 2011

"Mountain Majesty" - Timber Home Living Magazine


After moving to Idaho and finding a beautiful property just a few hours from their home, Iowa Natives, Kelly and Marie, decided it was time to build their family's dream custom wood home.


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March 2011

"A Breath of Fresh Air" - Log Home Living Magazine


The landscape and magnificent sunsets lured Glen and Kate to Maine. The opportunity to design a custom home led them to logs. The combination sparked romance for each other and for their getaway home.


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March 2011

"Love at First Draft" - Log Cabin Homes Magazine


Childhood memories of family vacations to the western states inspired Jim McKinney to build his dream home in Jackson, Wyoming, surrounded by panoramic views of the Grand Teton Mountains.


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September 2010

"Uncommon Cabin" - Log Cabin Homes Magazine


The McCarthys escape from their hectic lives in Atlanta to an upscale family retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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July 2010

"A Home for Generations" - Timber Home Living


An amazing multi-family timber frame getaway built in the beautiful mountains of Mammoth, California.


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July / August 2010

"Old West" - Country's Best Log Homes


A new log home is built to look like it’s always been part of the surrounding mountain landscape.


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May 2010

"Two Homes in One" - Log Home Living


A Colorado family plans plenty of logs to go around, when two generations come together to build their dream log home.


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March / April


"It's Easy to Be Green" - Country's Best Log Homes


Creators of an Oregon log and timber frame home strive for the highest rating for energy efficiency. This home has been certified Platinum through the USGBC LEED program.


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Buyer's Guide


"A Log Home But Not a Lodge" - Country's Best Log Homes


Owners and designers teamed up to make a U-shaped home unique. Based on M.T.N Design's Hermosa Vista design, this home has a real Southwestern look and feel.


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May 2009

"Teton Blessed" - Log Home Living


Dave Abbott may have taken the unusual step of adding central air-conditioning to the main level of his Victor, Idaho, log home, but that’s not the only thing that makes the place so cool.


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March 2009

"Historic Inspiration" - Country's Best Log Homes


Twenty years ago, Brian Lattimer was antiquing with his aunt when they came across a roadside shop with a log home tucked around back. After shopping, they went around back and knocked on the log home door. The owners happily invited them in to tour the lodge-like home, and they were in awe.


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Buyer's Guide 2009

"House as Art" - Timber Home Living


Charlie Bisbee and his wife, Lauren, are an impressive pair. Charlie is a general contractor and a developer; Lauren is an amateur interior designer and a real estate agent. Together the two have elevated the business of homebuilding to a level approaching art.


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Design Guide 2008

"A Modern Tradition" - Custom Wood Homes


The 12 acres that would someday become the Nagy's vacation homesite were originally owned and settled by three World War I veterans who built three hunting cabins on the peninsula property.


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Aug 2008

"Look Like a Million - for a whole lot less" - Log Home Design


Want to own a luxurious log home for a fraction of the cost? Then say "hi" to hybrid construction. This article, written by Log Home Design, discusses how PrecisionCraft is able to design to your budget.


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June/July 2008

"Find Your Bliss with a Log Cabin" - Treasure Magazine


Doug & Susan Wikfors didn’t just want a vacation home. They wanted a place that clearly said, “You aren’t in Eagle (Idaho) now.” They wanted a vacation home that felt like a retreat and a distinctive getaway.


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May 2008

"The Natural Philosophy" - Country's Best Log Homes


Growing up in Arizona, Jon Jacobs enjoyed the outdoors: Hiking, golfing, and hunting were major influences during his formative years. In college, Jon wrote a composition about how he planned to retire early and build a log home in the mountains. His goals were clearly set. Read full story...


February 2008

"The Best of Both Worlds" - Log Home Living


Tim Schafer doesn’t climb mountains-he builds around them. As an architect, he finds ways to fit gloriously designed homes into spots where Mother Nature might have other ideas. Such was the case with a recent customer who wanted his 2,800-square-foot getaway home nestled into Idaho’s Tamarack ski area. Read full story...


November 2007

"Breaking New Ground" - Country's Best Log Homes


When it comes to innovative ideas in log homes, Carol Anderson knows what she’s talking about. From the restaurant-style kitchen, to concrete floors with radiant heat, to an extra tall basement level, Carol had to do a lot of convincing to local contractors that she knew what she was doing when she presented them with the plans of her 2,514-square-foot home. Read full story...


November 2007

"Boundless Joy"- Log Home Living Annual Buyers Guide


Leon Roberts’ log home boasts all the usual head-turning characteristics: a soaring hearth, impressive great room, chunky wood as far as the eye can see and grizzly-bear footprints stretching from the front entry all the way out the back door. Read full story...


Fall 2007

"Western Character" - Custom Wood Homes


Merging Comfort and Practicality, This Utah Home Features Cutting-Edge Designs. Read full story...


July 2007

"Charm School" - Log Home Living


An Idaho couple used an innovative design and handcrafted log details to infuse their pint-sized getaway cabin with abundant character. Read full story...


March 2007

"The Sunshine Ski Lodge" - Country's Best Log Homes


A Florida home adopts the feel of a Tahoe ski lodge – with hurricane resistant elements. Florida usually conjures images of oranges, beaches, alligators, key lime pie, and sometimes hurricanes. Very few associate the Sunshine State with ski slopes and mountain lodges.  Read full story...


December 2006

"General Electric" -Log Home Design

A New Mexico electrical engineer becomes his own general contractor and the result is a jolt of success.

When Gene and Judy Jameson went looking for their dream house in the New Mexico desert, they had no idea they would end up in a log home.  Read full story... 


June 2006

"Whispering Pines" - Luxury Log Homes & Timber Frame


When their children were young, Jerry and Kathy Petersen loved escaping on family getaways to a log cabin outside Yellowstone National Park, on the banks of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, in the shadow of the Teton Mountains. Jerry would take the kids fly fishing there in the summer and, in the winter, the family could steal away on snowmobiles, enjoying Yellowstone as it lay under a frozen blanket.  Read full story...


March 2006

"On Possum Kingdom Lake" - Luxury Log Homes & Timber Frame

About 60 miles west of Fort Worth is one of the prettiest spots in Texas. Possum Kingdom Lake is a deep blue gem of meandering inlets and tributaries surrounded by high stone cliffs cut by the Brazos River on its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

There on a bluff just above water level is where oil businessman Fred Stephens chose to build a one of a kind log and stone getaway for his children and grandchildren to enjoy. Read full story...


March 2006

"Cozy Living" - McCall Home

Rick and Shauna Williams both work high-paced jobs in the Treasure Valley and were looking for a home that could take them away from everyday pressures.

They got together with local builders, Dave and Laura Perkins of BP Construction, to design just that type of log home.  Read full story...


January 2006

"Meet & Greet" - Log Home Living

Weddings can be stressful enough for parents, but knowing that the big event’s success is hinged upon the completion of a 3,960-square-foot log getaway nestled on a ridge overlooking a valley in Cascade, Idaho, really can sprout some gray hairs. Just ask Dennis and Sandy Dunbrasky, who breathed a sigh of relief on July 2, 2004, when their country home was finished just eight days prior to their son’s nuptials. Read full story...


January 2006

"Among the Peaks"  - Country’s Best Log Homes

Ron and Libby Johnson have always been drawn to the mountains. The jagged peaks of the Rockies lured them to Colorado from the San Francisco Bay Area early in their marriage. Once there, the young family regularly took high-altitude vacations, whether skiing in Colorado, camping in Yellowstone National Park, or whitewater rafting down one of the West’s raging torrents. Read full story...


September 2005

"Sun Valley Splendor" - Luxury Log & Timber Homes

Everyone knows that Sun Valley, Idaho, has a reputation for inviting ski slopes and glamorous visitors. But its drawing power extends farther each year, with families choosing to spend reunion days and leisure weekends there in every season, especially at Christmas or in midsummer.

Besides all the winter sports, the area offers trails for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding; streams for white-water rafting; and a range of cultural activities.  Read full story...


July 2005

"A View of the Rockies" - Country’s Best Log Homes

As Bruce and Kathy Rogers’ four children began leaving the nest, the couple decided they were ready for a change. Friends and relatives lived in log homes, and they had visited lodges in Montana over the years. “We liked the feel and the ambiance of log lodges, and that’s what got us thinking of a building a log home,” says Bruce. Read full story...


March 2005

"Sun Valley Seclusion" - Country's Best Log Homes

A Seattle couple heeds the call of quiet days and peaceful nights in a log home that blends with its environment.

Ever since he was a little boy playing with Lincoln Logs®, David Hummon has dreamed of having a log home, says his wife Susan.  Read full story...


March 2005

"Having It All" - Log Home Living

Sacrifice is never easy, especially when it comes to building a dream home. But this Idaho retreat proves that you can get everything you need and practically everything you want.

It's not often in life that you get everything you want, but somehow Michael and Laurie Tilton have managed to pull it off.  Read full story...


February 2005

"Mountain Man" - Log Home Design Ideas

A Texas transplant designs his family's dream home in colorful Colorado.

Lined with soaring mountaintops in southwest Colorado, the town of Ridgeway is ideal for any outdoorsman. An avid skier, David Harstook knew it was home the moment he saw those majestic 14,000-foot peaks.  Read full story...


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