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Handcrafted Log Home Production Interview


Watch the production of a PrecisionCraft handcrafted log home at our facility located in Meridian, Idaho.


Each day, PrecisionCraft mills and fabricates logs and timbers for some of the most impressive log and timber homes throughout the United States.

Log fabrication begins only after the plans are fully developed and engineered and the budget secured and coordinated with the general contractor. The majority of our handcrafted log homes are constructed using Douglas Fir - one of the strongest woods available. Other species such as Pine, Spruce and Western Red Cedar are also available.

Logs typically range from 12" to 14" in diameter but we have constructed homes for clients with logs as large as 3 to 4 feet in diameter. Log size and specie is a personal preference determined by the architectural style of your home.

Each handcrafted log home is a work of art with every log attended to individually. Each log is drawknifed, cut, shaped and assembled in our fabrication yard by PrecisionCraft's skilled craftsmen. The logs are inspected and graded for quality ensuring only the highest quality logs for your home.

As the logs are stacked, they are prepared for on-site installation using the Houseal Non-Settling System. This innovative system incorporates steel rods in the logs and prevents settling giving you complete confidence in the structural soundness of your home.

Once fabrication is complete, the logs are disassembled and shipped to your building site. At your building site, our employees will then reassemble your handcrafted log package on the foundation. We feel it is critical that our employees are on your building site reassembling the logs to ensure that the same craftsman are responsible through the entire process until the logs are properly installed at your site. "One party responsibility" insures attention to quality and detail.

We take pride in the design and manufacturing of our log and timber homes. This means we not only produce the highest quality logs and timber products, but we also act as your guide, delivering a Total Home Solution. At the end of the process, your finished home is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

To take the next step in creating your own PrecisionCraft log or timber home, please contact us today.