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Timber Frame Home Building 

In our handcrafted log home video, we showed you our handcrafted log operation. In this video segment, we will show you how we manufacture some of the most beautiful milled log and timber frame homes throughout the United States.


The majority of our milled log homes and all of our timber frame homes are constructed using Douglas Fir – one of the strongest woods available. If preferred, clients may also decide to use Western White Wood or Western Red Cedar. Whatever specie is selected, every log is milled using the highest grade timber.


Through the milling process, logs are milled, precision cut, notched and drilled before each piece is individually inspected and graded. The logs are bar coded and labeled for fast on-site installation.


The logs are also prepared for the installation of the Houseal Non-Settling System. Using this specialized system, settling is eliminated using a steel rod and pin system, giving you complete confidence in the structural soundness of your home. Plus, it also allows our clients more flexibility in design --- making it possible for more complex, sophisticated milled log homes.


With a large variety of profiles and sizes available, you can achieve the look and feel you desire for your home. You can choose from round, D log, rectangular, and square; with overlapping notched or dovetail corners - each providing a unique look for your custom designed home. Also find a log size, 10 inches in diameter and up, that best compliments your home design and works within your budget.


PrecisionCraft’s timber frame homes & components are created with the help of computer-controlled manufacturing technology. This specialized milling equipment can cut the most complicated connections and angles. We utilize traditional wood to wood mortise and tendon connections and the more high tech Timberlinx steel connectors. This gives us great flexibility in design special timber components and timber trusses.


The best part about your custom design is the ability to mix it up a little. With our in-house design firm and full manufacturing facility, you can integrate timber frame elements into a log or stick frame home or create your own unique combination of milled log, timber, and handcrafted log.


After each log or timber component is properly milled, inspected and labeled, they are carefully stacked on delivery trucks.


Once the logs & timbers arrive at your build site, our professional stacking crew will assemble your home on the foundation. In-house stacking services ensure “one-party responsibility” for the log and timber structural frame from design through manufacturing and installation. One party responsibility insures that the log and timber products are install properly and eliminates any question about warranty issues. 


We take pride in the design and manufacturing of our homes. This means we not only produce the highest quality product, but we also act as your guide, delivering a Total Home Solution. At the end of the process, your finished home is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes…precisely what you want!