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Mountain Style Homes


PrecisionCraft at Possum Kingdom


PrecisionCraft has over 20 years of experience building custom log and timber frame homes around the country, including Texas and Possum Kingdom Lake. Our award-winning in-house design firm, M.T.N Design, specializes in designing to your unique style, location and budget. Whether you envision your PK home as log, timber or a hybrid combination of both, we can design and build the perfect lake home for your family.


Current Project Spotlight

Currently nearing completion in the Sportsman's World neighborhood, this custom timber frame home is being built to replace the family's log home, which burnt down. The client came to PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design hoping to recreate the best of what the home used to be, while looking for opportunities to improve. This is the happy result of our collaboration, so far.

Mountain Style Homes

The Family chose to build a timber home instead of log this time around.


Mountain Style Homes

Join us for a Seminar at PK

Saturday - June 23rd - 2012

Seminar Topics: 

  • Our Unique Approach: Total Home Solution® - From Design through Construction
  • The Art of Designing a Home to Your Target Budget
  • PrecisionCraft will take you on a Home Tour of the timber frame home shown here in our project spotlight

Seminar Details:

  • Cost: Free
  • Date: Saturday, June 23rd (9am - 12pm)
  • Location: Possum Kingdom
  • Attendees: Must own land & plan to build within the next 3 years

Register Today! Space is Limited!

This seminar is provided free of charge, but space is limited. For additional seminar details or to RSVP, please contact Mark Camper:


800-729-1320 or