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Hybrid Log and Timber Home


Altering Complexity to Change Appearance and Turnkey Cost


The complexity of a design can be hard to quantify since complexity is not as easily defined as other elements, such as square footage. The best way to grasp a design’s complexity is to examine the number of roof ridge lines, roof pitches, the number of corners, and the number, size, and type of windows.


For example, one of the least complex designs has four corners and one roof line with a uniform pitch. Each time you add a wall, dormer, or other architecturally pleasing aspects to a design, the complexity increases. The more complex a design, the higher the cost tends to be.  


Your M.T.N designer will help you create a unique log or timber home that can be built within your budget.




Complexity of Roof Lines


Roof lines can add character to your log home or timber home design. Dormers, turrets, eaves and awnings are all elements that can be added or removed from your design.

Low complexity log home roof line

This is an example of a very low-complexity roof structure. There is only one major ridge line with two minor ridges. The slope is also fairly consistent.

Illustration uses: Winterpark floor plan design

High complexity roof line

The roof in this design is more complex. It has 9 ridge lines showing. It includes a turret staircase, awnings and patio covers. There are also multiple intersecting roof pitches.

Illustration uses: Colorado floor plan concept

Customizing Roof Lines

Roof lines are difficult to modify without making changes to the floor plan. When corners and angles are changed within the plan, the roof line will need to be altered at the same time. You and your M.T.N designer can look for places that roof lines might be matched up to save cost or broken apart to add character.


Corners, Angles and Pop Outs

While many like the idea of a cozy log cabin with four main walls, others prefer a more complicated layout with specialty rooms that pop out from the main floor plan or nooks with angled walls. Whatever your preference, M.T.N Design can create a log home or timber home plan to meet your goals.


Low complexity walls and corners

This is an example of a low-complexity layout. Aside from the kitchen pop-out there are just four main walls. There are 8 total corners.


Illustration uses: Winterpark design


Low complexity walls and corners

In this example, the complexity is increased by the inclusion of 20 wall corners and the use of a nonsymmetrical footprint.


Illustration uses: Woodhaven plan

High complexity walls and corners

This plan is obviously more complex than both of the previous examples. There are a total of 30 corners plus the plan's complexity is further increased by incorporating multi-angled corners.


Illustration uses: Crested Butte floor plan concept

Customizing Corners

In the first example, you may want to increase the size of the master bath by bumping out a wall. This would increase the complexity of the design. If you wanted to reduce the complexity of the third example, your designer might match up the walls of the master bedroom and master bath, or incorporate the dining room pop-out into the main plan.



Complex Extras

Sometimes it is the unexpected extras added to log home and timber home designs that make them stand out. These can be unique uses of glass like in our Caribou, Rockpoint and Edgewood floor plans. Or they can be roof accents like in our Upland Retreat and Highlands designs.

Complex Glass Log Home Prow

The prow of this design is captivating. Not only are there large pieces of continuous glass, but they are angled to match the line of the roof.

Illustration uses: Rockpoint design concept

Complex Log Home Extras

There are two examples of complexity in this design. First the curved entry with copper roofing, second the large handcrafted character posts and custom timber truss.

Illustration uses: Upland Retreat floor plan

Customizing Extras

Adding elements like these to your design can provide keen points of interest to your home. Your M.T.N designer can work with you to incorporate ideas like these into your design.


Of course, extras like these will also increase your turnkey estimate. The team at M.T.N Design is very skilled at reducing complexity of a design while retaining the original concept. The first example might require smaller panes of glass or you might reduce the height of the roof. In the second example, you might choose to keep the curved roof and replace the character logs with milled round or square columns.


How else can I modify my timber or log home plan?