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Timber Frame Home Theater and Bar


Home Finishes that Complement your Design & Match Your Budget


Your custom mountain style home is more than log and timber. When you and your M.T.N Design team are developing the plans for your home, your choice of home finishes will be an important aspect of your design.


Home finish choices range from roofing, to your selection of a bath tub in the master suite. Your designer will help you to choose the finishes that complement your overall design and meet your budget parameters.


Below are a few examples of some of the options you will have when you choose home finishes:



Choosing Stone for Your Timber or Log Home

Effect on the Look of Your Finished Home

You have a multitude of options when choosing stone including: color, size, shape and composition. Whether you prefer real stone or cultured stone, your M.T.N designer will provide options which will complement your design.


Effect on Turnkey Costs

On average, cultured stone can be as little as half the cost of real stone. If you need to reduce your overall turnkey costs, cultured stone may be a good option.

Log home stone example Stone example for Timber Frame HomesStone example for Timber Frame Homes

Roofing Options

Effect on the Look of Your Finished Home

Your roof can provide substantial character to your log or timber home or it can fade into the background and let other accents stand out. Your designer can introduce you to some innovative options in roofing including copper accents or state-of-the-art metal shingles.

Effect on Turnkey Costs

You can increase or decrease your over all turnkey cost based on the type of roofing material you choose. From standard shingles, metal and slate to copper accents and terra cotta. Price per square foot can range from three dollars to more than a hundred.

Log home metal roof example Slate shingles on a timber frame home



Heating Systems: Forced Air vs. Radiant Heat

Effect on the Look of Your Finished Home

In most cases you have two choices in heating systems, radiant heat or forced air. Radiant heat is hidden within your floor system, while forced air requires ducts and vents. If you prefer the interior of your timber or log home to be vent-free, you may decide on a ductless radiant heating system.

Effect on Turnkey Costs

There are two cost effects for choosing radiant heat over forced air. The first is in turnkey cost. Depending on what brand of radiant heat you choose, the cost will be equal to or higher than a forced air system.


The second area of cost to consider is the cost to heat your finished home. Many of our plans include vaulted ceilings. Since radiant heat is a more efficient way to heat a room, you can save money in future energy bills.


**Note, if you plan to include a central air system in your log home or timber home, additional costs for that system will be added to the expense of installing radiant heat. It is possible to save money in initial costs to combine a central air system with forced air heating. These are issues you can discuss with your designer and Client Representative.


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