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Your Total Home Solution®

Building your custom mountain style home is an exciting process, but requires expertise, time and knowledge to make your project a success. That’s why we've created our unique Total Home Solution®. This proven, beginning-to-end approach combines award-winning design and flexible construction solutions to deliver the industry's most amazing homes.


Design Phase Conceptual Design Process — With M.T.N Design

As our client, you work with the industry’s most respected in-house firm, M.T.N Design. With numerous awards and 20 years of design excellence, M.T.N will create a conceptual design that matches your unique lifestyle, architectural preference build location and budget.


Along with your design, your PrecisionCraft team will also provide you with a preliminary turnkey cost estimate. We understand that turning your dream home into a reality means designing a home at a cost that you’re willing and able to pay.


Explore the Design Phase:

Build Phase Construction — Flexible Construction Solutions

Once you are comfortable with your design and preliminary turnkey cost estimate, you will be ready to move forward with building your dream home. PrecisionCraft offers a flexible range of construction solutions, because every custom home project is unique. Choosing the right construction solution for your home is critical, and we will remain your advocate no matter which solution you choose.


Our construction solutions are tailored to offer you the best economic approach to building your home.


Explore the Construction Phase: