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Traditional Maine Log Home

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Tradition Meets Contemporary in This Custom Milled Log Home

For some people, their image of the traditional log home is that of a rustic cabin with simple amenities and a lodge-like feel. However, today's modern log home can easily blend the traditions and character we all associate with homes made of log, with the appeal and functionality of contemporary homes. The Bolducs chose to blend these styles into their vacation home, located on 10 acres of beautiful land in Maine.


bulletInspired by: The Tradition of Log Homes

View of Lake Blue RidgeWood homes of all kinds have a special history in Maine, log homes in particular. This kinship is evident when you consider the similarities between the people of Maine and the durability of log homes. Both have weathered many storms and hardships, only to stand stronger and more beautiful than before.


When the Bolducs purchased their property, they knew they wanted a home that would match the grandeur of their site. It was the unique charm and instant recognition of a log home that the Bolducs decided would be perfect for their vacation getaway.


But it was not enough just to build a log home. The Bolducs wanted their home to truly fit with their surroundings, so they chose to have their cedar logs appear natural and weathered, instead of stained a uniform color. This type of treatment is common for many homeowners in the state of Maine, as you can easily see when you drive through the countryside.


Post and Beam Great RoombulletInspired by: Contemporary Living

Even though their home uses a style of architecture that is generally considered rustic, the Bolduc's log home has a remarkably contemporary feel.


The majority of their decorations use rich colors, modern fabrics and contemporary lines. The great room itself brilliantly combines modern living with a rustic backdrop. You can not help but notice the large log trusses directly overhead or the massive stone fireplace reaching up to the ceiling, but by choosing sleek leather furniture, a metal chandelier and contemporary artwork, the room feels bright and open.


One of the most contemporary locations in the home is the amazing kitchen. Using a combination of vibrant teal cabinets an eggplant stove with stone accents and granite countertops, the room is an exciting space to cook and hang out. However, the shape of the stone hearth, the use of antique looking stools and copper plumbing fixtures help to blend this remarkable space within their traditional log home.


The Bolducs were able to combine these two styles further by incorporating accents that used natural elements. Examples include the kitchen table and chandelier made from twisted wood and a mirror in the powder room lined with river stones.


See how the home came together, by taking a photographic tour below:



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