Like any home, the countertops used in a mountain-style design can really make an impact on the aesthetic look and feel of a particular space. While you may be familiar with a number of different countertop options, building trends are always evolving and changing overtime. Here is an up-to-date look some of the most common countertop materials available and how they compare by cost.





What you might like: Laminate is one of the most commonly used countertop products because of its variety and affordable pricing. Designs can now mimic the look of granite, wood, or marble.
What you should know: While there is a lot that you can do with this product, it is also more susceptible to scratches and burns that can be difficult to repair.
Price: $10-40 per square foot.

Solid Surface


What you might like: While it may seem like a broad term, a solid surfaced countertop is comprised of synthetic polyester and acrylic resins. This option can mimic several different surfaces like wood, stone, and glass.
What you should know: While these surfaces are unlikely to stain, knives can scar and heat exposure can discolor the countertop.
Price: $40-90 per square foot.



What you might like: Much like the hard, durable surfaces of granite, quartz is another crack resistant countertop material that is popular among future homeowners and renovators. With its glossy sheen, it provides a unique look to enhance any space.
What you should know: This option is not heat tolerant and seams may be visible on large countertop designs.
Price: $40-100 per square foot.



What you might like: Bamboo is eco-friendly and adds warmth to your home.
What you should know: Bamboo, however, is easily stained, scorched, and nicked. Bamboo can also warp when near moisture.
Price: $40-100 per square foot.



What you might like: Granite is known for its natural beauty, durability, and uniqueness. It is also easily cleaned and resists scratches, stains, and heat.
What you should know: Granite is one of the more expensive countertop materials, and it does require maintenance to seal and protect it.
Price: $40-250 per square foot.



What you might like: This type of material is often a popular one for those building a mountain-style home because of the natural look of the wood and how it compliments their overall home design.
What you should know: Wood surfaces can often be more susceptible to burns, stains, or dents, but it is a simple process to sand and reseal them.
Price: $50-100 per square foot.



What you might like: Limestone is a naturally-occurring, attractive material that resists heat well.
What you should know: Limestone is easily marred by nicks, cuts, and scratches. Even when limestone is sealed, it is not impervious to stains.
Price: $50-100 per square foot.



What you might like: Soapstone is a naturally-occurring stone that is quarried. It is nonporous; stain, heat, and water resistant; and is generally low maintenance.
What you should know: Soapstone scratches easily though those scratches can be buffed out with sandpaper.
Price: $50-105 per square foot.



What you might like: Another stone materials used in countertops is marble. Once the countertop is sealed, most stains wipe away with water.
What you should know: Marble is easily damaged though polishing can remove small nicks and scratches.
Price: $50-150 per square foot.



What you might like: Glass is an environmentally-friendly countertop option. Glass countertops are made from new or recycled glass and installed as sheets or embedded in concrete.
What you should know: Glass countertops can be scratched, chipped, or broken and will show fingerprints and water spots. It is also vulnerable to acidic foods and liquids.
Price: $50-120 per square foot.



What you might like: Concrete is a popular choice for those wanting a more industrial look in their living space. Concrete countertops are often tinted with color and sealed to become stain and heat resistant.
What you should know: Concrete counters are custom formed, so there may be some difficulty in production and quality. A concrete counter can look “wet” without proper sealant; however, sealing is required to keep stains from soaking in completely.
Price: $60-150 per square foot.

Stainless Steel


What you might like: Stainless steel has a very modern, sleek feel and is virtually indestructible. It is long-lasting, heat resistant, and easy to clean.
What you should know: Over time, stainless steel will patina and can become easily scratched and dented. It also shows fingerprints.
Price: $75-150 per square foot.


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