Falling in love with a log home is easy, and inspiration can come from anywhere. When you see the “perfect” log home, it hits you like cupid’s arrow: you must have one. The more complicated part is determining the best way to get a log home, and that requires some research. In your quest for information, you’ll discover there are many paths to a log home. The two most popular are kit and custom.

Kit Log Cabin HomeLog Home Kits

Whether a kit home is a good choice for you depends the folloiwng factors:

  • on your timeframe
  • budget
  • how comfortable you are with an unalterable floor plan

Kit log homes are typically quicker to build and cost less than custom log or timber homes because they are pre-designed and often times pre-cut. The downside of a kit: you cannot revise the footprint or floor plan. Some kit companies will make modifications. However, the available changes are likely to be small ones that do not require a licensed architect or engineer.

The majority of kits include just the log wall structure. Because of this, your log home or cabin will not be move-in ready once the kit is assembled. Research how much of the home’s construction is included in the given kit price. Then, budget additional time and money for items such as windows, plumbing, HVAC, and the installation of interior finishes.

Custom Log HomeCustom Log Homes

If you have the budget, a longer timeframe (despite wanting your dream log or timber home now) and the desire to incorporate your own design ideas, you are most likely on the path to a custom home. By going this route, you have more control over the finished product. You can work with a designer to create an entirely new log home design, or to modify an existing home plan to make it your own. You can incorporate that unique truss design you saw in a magazine, or the sleeping porch you’ve always wanted. Depending on the custom builder, you may also have access to services beyond the design and production of your home package, including project management and building services ranging from the installation of the structure to full turnkey construction.

Kit Price or Turnkey Estimate?

One of the most confusing aspects of any new home construction project is pricing. You may call one company and they tell you a price for a kit, the next company provides a price for the logs plus their services, and the next company gives you a turnkey cost estimate for your entire project. This variation in bids makes it hard to compare ‘apples to apples,’ so make sure you fully understand the costs each bid covers, so that you can compare your options accurately.

Making Your Choice

Whether a kit or custom approach is right for you depends on several factors, and both have their advantages. The most important consideration is which path will lead you to your dream home.

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