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Budgeting for Interior Design

For many PrecisionCraft clients, little is more exciting than planning the interiors of their finished home. Will the interiors be as authentically rustic as the handcrafted log home being built on their land? Or perhaps the clients are building a …
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Handcrafted Log Homes

After decades designing and building log homes, PrecisionCraft knows, for some, nothing but an authentic handcrafted log home will suffice. Indeed, very little compares to the detail and artistry of a genuinely handcrafted log home. There are a myriad of …
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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

When considering your next luxury home design, you may not always include fixtures in your thoughts. Often, this is simply because fixtures are so obvious. After all, you already know your home will have a kitchen sink and a shower. …
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Bath Finishes

As with any room, the materials and finishes used in your bath have significant impact on the overarching feel of the space. This is particularly true in the bath or powder room of a mountain style home. And, while you …
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What is an Hybrid Home?

After entering the modern lexicon, the term hybrid evolved. Today, it applies to many different things. Thus, you are most likely familiar with hybrid vehicles, hybrid plants, and even hybrid dogs. (Think labradoodle.) The word hybrid, however, equally applies to …
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