PrecisionCraft Architectural Styles Part III

This is the final article in our series about the six architectural styles at PrecisionCraft. The intent behind this series has been to act as your guide through each design style. By including distinct architectural features, artist renderings, and photographs, we hope this series has proved helpful.

Part One of this series explored Mountain Modern™ and Western Heritage home design styles. Part Two featured the French Country and Appalachian Legacy architectural collections. This article introduces you to our newest architectural style, Cabin Refined™, and juxtaposes it with its larger cousin, Rustic Luxury™. For as much as these two styles have in common, they are separate collections for a reason.

Cabin Refined™ Architectural Style

Our newest architectural style is Cabin Refined™. Cabin Refined™ evolved because the architectural designers at our in-house firm, M-T-N Design, found themselves creating luxury mountain style homes with smaller layouts almost as often as they were designing residences of grander proportions. This demand is due, in part, to the “cozy cabin in the woods” idea as it is what often first inspires people to think about a log or timber home.

Over time, homes with less than 2,500 square feet of liveable space and distinct architectural flair repeatedly emerged from the talented M-T-N Design team. The result was named Cabin Refined™ and a beautiful example is our Truckee conceptual floor plan.

The “cozy cabin in the woods” idea is what often first inspires people.

At a modest 1,565 square feet of liveable space, the Truckee uses post and beam construction with large handcrafted logs. This mixture, along with stone and vertical siding, provides a unique grandeur to this charming cabin. See it here.

PrecisionCraft Saratoga design concept, a Cabin Refined™ style home

Distinguished from the behemoths of Rustic Luxury™ by virtue of their smaller size, the Cabin Refined™ architectural style also differs by including several single level living plans, quaint outdoor spaces, and the aforementioned distinct architectural flair. Examples of the variety of unique architectural features include the layout of the Durango concept, as the home wraps around its own patio, as well as the Saratoga, whose layout provides three distinct living spaces.

One of our newest conceptual floor plans, Pagosa Springs, is part of the Cabin Refined™ collection. An elegant depiction of living well within a smaller space, the Pagosa Springs timber frame cabin concept offers two sides surrounded by glass walls that open to a secluded patio. With its custom timber trusses and master suite oasis, Pagosa Springs is another exclusive concept from our M-T-N Design team. Browse the complete Cabin Refined™ collection here.

PrecisionCraft Pagosa Springs design concept, a Cabin Refined™ style home

Rustic Luxury™ Architectural Style

PrecisionCraft clients who select Rustic Luxury™ as their architectural style often refer to the large scale elements of this series as what ultimately pushed it to the top of their lists. One stunning characteristic of our Rustic Luxury™ architectural style is the incorporated large-scale character logs. These character logs measure up to 48” in diameter at their flared bases, and make a breathtaking statement on the exterior or interior of a home.

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel

The Rustic Luxury™ conceptual plans spark the discerning homeowner’s imagination not only through the use of these amazing large-scale log products, but through ­­­­­­exquisite handcrafted, post and beam, timber frame artistry. A few examples include the seven hammer beam trusses of our Coeur d’ Alene Lodge concept, the 16” diameter handcrafted log walls of the Cumberland design, and the grandeur of the Big Sky’s curved turret, as seen below.

PrecisionCraft Big Sky design concept, a Rustic Luxury™ style home

Additionally, design concepts in our Rustic Luxury™ series are deliberate in their intent to feature a blending of pastoral architecture with sumptuous living. Thus, clients have extensively customized this exclusive collection of designs. This includes adding distinguishing spaces such as two master suites, libraries, wine cellars, multiple garages, expansive entertainment areas, and more.

Based on client preferences, the M-T-N Design team frequently incorporates outdoor kitchens, theater rooms, and butler’s pantries into these homes. Subsequently, the Rustic Luxury™ collection has produced designs customized to over 20,000 square feet.

PrecisionCraft Rustic Luxury™ style home in Kentucky

The overarching approach of this distinct design series is one of moving a step beyond what was once thought impossible. When designing homes from the Rustic Luxury™ series, it is not enough to simply meet the expectations of a client. Instead, we must dare to defy what is possible. From their massive fireplaces and enormous decks and patios, to the astonishing footprint of the home itself as it sprawls over the landscape, these homes go beyond expectations. These homes stun.

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel once said, “The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” We think the same is true of Rustic Luxury™. If you have not already done so, you can view the complete Rustic Luxury™ collection here.

A Final Thought

Whether you find yourself seeking a smaller, elegant home like those of the Cabin Refined™ collection, or are drawn to the colossal homes of the Rustic Luxury™ series, the professionals at M-T-N will delight in working with you.

PrecisionCraft offers its floor plan concepts as a starting point. Thus, all clients work with our designers in one of two ways. First, clients can customize a plan of their choosing. Alternatively, clients find themselves drawn to an architectural style, subsequently opting for a fully custom design from our team, one that incorporates that same style. Regardless of how you define luxury mountain living, we will capture it in your PrecisionCraft home.

Begin planning your custom log, timber, or hybrid home. Contact your PrecisionCraft client representative here.

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