As the crisp colors of autumn give way to the white of winter, thoughts frequently turn to upcoming holidays. In addition to family gatherings and professional functions, the bustling holiday season often brings a much-needed escape to the mountains. For those who enjoy the thrill of snow and winter activities, this time of year is met with anticipation. But– even if winter, to you, means a hot beverage and a crackling fire, treasured memories await your making.

Because the roots of PrecisionCraft are in the western United States’ rugged mountain country, it should come as no surprise that some of our classic floor plan concepts are named after iconic North American winter destinations. From Breckenridge to Blackcomb, smaller sized to sprawling expanse, and across more than one architectural style, winter sports enthusiasts and fireside devotees alike, will find their fancy in these luxury winter retreat design concepts.

The Targhee

On more than one occasion, we have been asked where the inspiration came from for our design concept named “Targhee.” And, while the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in the American states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah is (relatively) close to our United States headquarters, our Targhee conceptual floor plan was actually named after a glorious mountain destination.

Set on the western side of the Teton Mountains lies an American ski resort called Grand Targhee. The resort is somewhat a study in contrast. Grand Targhee’s 500 inches (12.7 meters) of snowfall per annum places it in the top five ski resorts in North America. Conversely, and despite the resort’s high elevations[i], summer temperatures frequently reach a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). These extremes are part of Grand Targhee’s attraction, and directly tie-in with our Targhee floor plan name. This is because M.T.N Design’s Targhee concept is also known for its contrast.

Our Targhee conceptual design uses both logs and timbers. This unique hybrid design mixes timber framing, square milled log walls, and stone– across three levels. The plan includes multiple master suites and a dining space with windows on three walls.

luxury home rendering targhee
PrecisionCraft design concept, the Targhee

As with its namesake resort, the Targhee design concept presents the landscape as a focal point. The concept is an example of how our in-house design professionals at M.T.N Design create homes that flow across the landscape, seamlessly incorporating slopes[ii]. It has long been a popular saying that, “Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.” Our Targhee design is no different as the slope itself typically informs the design. Browse the floor plan here. Read why you should add this Wyoming winter destination to your list, here.

East face of the Teton Range

The Tahoe

Straddling the two American states of Nevada and California, the destination known as Tahoe actually includes a number of communities, ranging from the private beaches of prestigious Incline Village, to the city of South Lake Tahoe, home to the area’s largest casinos. The rugged peaks, pristine lake, and exuberant nightlife of the Tahoe area has drawn the interest of log home lovers from around the world for nearly 80 years. This popularity is due, in part, to the wide variety of activities available year round. We have all heard William Cowper’s adage, “Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” Tahoe embodies this spirit perhaps more than any other winter resort area in North America. Therefore, it only stands to reason that we had one particular design concept destined to be named Tahoe.

With its log prow window, offset by matching second story balconies, a variety of stunning opportunities are created to enjoy the amazing views from your home. The Tahoe’s deep eaves and exterior stonework further contribute to its bold statement. Over the years, clients have chosen milled logs and handcrafted logs for their version of the Tahoe. Others have requested comprehensive redesigns from our architectural designers to incorporate timber framing.

luxury home design tahoe
PrecisionCraft design concept, the Tahoe

One thing all these Tahoe customizations have in common, however, is that each was a way of satisfying the unique lifestyle of a client. From increasing deck or patio square footage to better suit large group outdoor entertainment, to including a daylight basement[iii] to accommodate children or grandchildren’s schedules, the Tahoe has yet to encounter a client lifestyle or need that it could not easily satisfy. See its floor plan here.

The Telluride

Naming a design concept after this former Victorian-era mining town nestled in the Rocky Mountains might not seem prudent to those less familiar with the American West. After all, few winter destinations have a larger presence in pop culture than Telluride, Colorado. The first bank robbery of notorious American Old West figure, Butch Cassidy, took place in Telluride in 1889. The bandit made off with nearly $25,000 USD in 1889. (That translates to $685,975.54 in 2018 for those who are interested.)

Corner block with the Mahr Building next door (white building) which in 1889 was a bank and the site of Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery

Later, the town’s owner versus union unrest culminated in what is now known as the Colorado Labor Wars, 1903-1904. Eventually, Telluride’s action-packed legacy gave way to the enjoyment of the mountain itself when the last mine closed in 1978. If you have had the pleasure of visiting Telluride during the winter season, you know it makes a stunning first impression. It is this first impression that makes our Telluride design so perfectly named.

If you are pondering a luxury winter home that dazzles at first sight, your contemplation may stop here.

If you are pondering a luxury winter home that dazzles at first sight, your contemplation may stop here. Our exclusive Telluride concept is an eye catching single-level plan; it uses mixed materials to create a one-of-a-kind look. As shown, the milled log walls have a drawknife finish and large tapered logs support the great room overhang. Like the Targhee, this log home plan was also designed with two master suites.

Designing more than one master suite into a house, like the Telluride, is increasingly popular. The extra space and added seclusion of a master suite is ideal for a number of family situations. This includes parents who visit the cabin and grown children who come back home. See its floor plan here.

Regardless of how you greet the shiver of winter, one of our mountain resort namesake design concepts will surely warm your heart–and perhaps inspire you to begin planning your own winter retreat.

Please return in two weeks as we continue exploring our winter resort inspired residences.

Notes, photo credits, and works cited


East face of the Teton Range By Daniel Mayer – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0; Corner block with the Mahr Building next door (white building). In 1889 this was a bank and the site of Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery. By JERREY AND ROY KLOTZ MD CC BY-SA 3.0

[i] 7,408 ft (2,258 m)

[ii] If your property has a steep slope, primary considerations include: which level to designate for a formal entry, which level to place the master suite, and where a garage might go.

[iii] Basements can be an inexpensive way to add square footage to your home. Clients can add livable space for a smaller price per square foot. The Tahoe conceptual rendering also shows how to add a garage to your basement.

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