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Building the best quality log and timber homes is what PrecisionCraft is known for, and efficiency is a key part of any successful home. Efficient log and timber homes not only save energy costs, but create a more comfortable and pleasing living environment.

energy efficient log home

LEED® certified platinum log home

The house above was the first true log home to be certified Platinum by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program. While homes with log siding have been certified in the past, this energy efficient log home has authentic log walls.

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leed certified handcrafted log home

leed© certified gold log home

This energy efficient log home was designed and built to be both a residence and a retreat / event center. The log home structure is part of the Lucky Clay’s Farm complex which also includes an aquaponics facility and a renewable energy system.

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our energy envelope

foundations & crawl spaces

ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms)

PrecisionCraft uses Advantage® brand ICFs, produced by our sister company. ICFs are made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) which, when combined with the concrete inside, provide an R-value of R-23.5 ( vs R-8.8 of typical batt install)

Radon Guard®

Homes with a tighter energy envelope have fewer air leaks. This is a great benefit, however; it also makes it more difficult for harmful gases like radon to escape through those leaks. PrecisionCraft offers a two-in-one solution called Radon Guard which provides insulation at the base of your foundation while creating a safe method for expunging radon gas.

Above Grade (Main + 2nd)

SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

Our timber frame homes utilize Insulspan® brand SIPs which have R-values reaching up to R-25.4 (typical batt-filled wall performance= R-12.8). This continuous insulation also reduces air infiltration. Thicker walls with higher R-values available.

Log Walls

For centuries, people who lived in log homes have experienced a higher level of interior comfort than those in a traditionally-built home. The reason is that the thermal mass of the solid log wall acts like a thermal battery. Once the interior temperature of your home reaches a set value, the logs retain that heat and help radiate that energy back. Learn more about the energy efficient qualities of thermal mass from the NAHB Log & Timber Homes Council Report.


SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

With insulation values reaching up to R-50, SIPs are ideal for keeping conditioned air inside your home, instead of escaping up and out. When SIP roofs are used in vaulted areas, those spaces retain a more consistent temperature and less energy is required to reheat the lower levels of your log or timber home.

Energy Inspection

Clients who choose our BuilderSelectâ„¢ or Design Build construction solution will receive an energy inspection, once their home is built. This will include a blower door test (which measures the tightness of your structural envelope) and an infrared thermal image that will show the effectiveness of your energy envelope.

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You can learn more about our commitment to sustainability on our About Page.