SIP roof installation

Structural Envelope

The core of your PrecisionCraft home is the structural envelope, which combines: timber, log, ICF foundation and SIP walls & roof.

Our custom prefabricated building system, which uses materials from our PFB family of companies, results in a precision-built home that can be constructed faster, and is highly energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency

The overall quality of PrecisionCraft homes is further enhanced by the energy-efficient values of our structural envelope. We are able to build log and timber homes for our clients that use less energy while providing more consistent and comfortable interior temperatures.

More on Energy Efficiency

example: log home structure

A home with handcrafted or milled log walls includes basements and conditioned crawl spaces constructed with our Advantage brand Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).

Our Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a natural fit for log home roofs since they have strong engineering values, perfect for heavy snow loads, as well as superior insulation values. They can also be installed very quickly. (see more about our Insulspan brand SIPs below)

example: timber structure

Our timber frame homes include an Insulspan SIP wall system as well as a SIP roof. The SIPs are designed by the same team that draws your entire home, which ensures a cohesive fit once the material is all together on your build site.

Advantage ICFs are also used in timber frame basements and conditioned crawl spaces, where they help control energy loss. (see more about ICFs below)

Advantage® insulated concrete forms (icfs)

ICF basement stack
ICF Window bucks
ICF stacking
ICF Foundation
ICF Curved wall

One reason PrecisionCraft chooses to use ICF's is because they are a great solution for quickly building foundation walls for our custom, complex footprints. Pre-formed EPS (expanded polystyrene) blocks can help concrete subcontractors lay out a foundation exactly as it was drawn, more quickly than if they had to create custom plywood forms from scratch.

The second value to our clients is the built-in insulation value of the EPS. Once the ICFs are in place, no additional insulation is needed. This saves a step in the building process which reduces building timelines.

Insulspan® structural insulated panels (sips)

Sip delivery
SIP variation
SIP install
SIP walls
SIP wall and roof structure

Insulspan brand SIP panels not only have a high R-value, they also create a tight seal which keeps energy from escaping the home via convection (or air leakage).

When used in the roof, where a large majority of heat energy can be lost, the panels can greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to reheat interior spaces, especially vaulted areas. When used for both the walls and roof, Insulspan SIPs can far exceed the performance of conventional homes.

Insulspan's unique "Ready-to-Assemble" SIPs also help speed construction time. Builders can reach the dry-in stage more quickly and save labor costs.