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No, we do not sell our plans. All of the plans on our site are conceptual drawings, created to inspire your own home, not blueprints ready for construction. The complexity of our designs require detailed, engineered construction drawings that are not available without going through the design process. These final plans are designed specifically to work with our patented log and timber construction techniques and Insulspan SIP’s. Please keep in mind that our plans are intellectual property protected by copyright and can not be reproduced or used without our consent.

In many cases the homes shown in our advertisements are custom and therefore do not have a corresponding floor plan in our gallery. We do show the floor plan for custom homes in our photo gallery.

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Helping you understand the estimated cost to build your dream home is a critical first step. Your Client Representative is the best person to discuss custom building costs in your area and determine if this fits with what you are willing and able to spend. If we are on the same page and you move forward with PrecisionCraft, we have services designed to help you manage costs throughout your project.

During the design of your home, M-T-N Design will contemplate all the major pricing factors (size, complexity, level of home finishes, product choice, build site location, etc.) ensuring that your home design is in sync with your turnkey budget. In addition, your designer will help you understand how each of these factors affects the overall cost of your log or timber frame home.

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PrecisionCraft designs and builds custom log homes and timber frame structures in every state in the U.S., throughout Canada and internationally. Whether you are building in the United States, Canada or Internationally, we have a Total Home SolutionSM in place to help make your dream home a reality.

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PrecisionCraft offers tours through our clients’ actual homes (not models!) by appointment only. Because these are client homes, we are very protective of their privacy and limit the number of people we tour through their property. If you are interested in seeing one of our homes in person, please talk with your client representative.

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PrecisionCraft’s in-house firm, M-T-N Design, offers full services architectural design to our clients. You can start with one of our floor plan concepts and modify it to fit your needs, or start a design from scratch. There is no limit to what you can change.

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PrecisionCraft does not finance log or timber homes. However, we have strong relationships with top notch financial institutions. It is important to recognize that getting financed for a log home is different than getting financed for a conventionally framed home. Your client representative can give you more information, based on your unique project goals.

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PrecisionCraft is a member of the Log & Timber Homes Council, which is part of the NAHB Building Systems Councils.

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Not all log homes are created and built equally. However, with the right manufacturing and construction practices, log homes are very energy efficient! PrecisionCraft homes are even more efficient because we use SIPs in our log home roof structures and ICFs for the foundations.

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