Quality Installation

PrecisionCraft will send one of our specialized crews to your build site to install the log and timber skeleton of your home. Our in-house crews ensure quality installation in the most time-efficient manner.

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Save Time And Money

After years of experience, PrecisionCraft noticed that the majority of our clients’ construction issues, were occurring when their builder installed the log and timber materials. These issues were causing delays and costing our clients money.

By sending our experienced installation crews to your site, we can expertly install our materials and problem-solve any issues more quickly and without costly errors.

Broaden Your Builder Search

Prior to providing our installation crews, our clients would often have trouble finding a builder who felt comfortable taking responsibility for stacking the logs or installing the timber frame structure.

When we take responsibility for installing our log and timber structure, you will have a larger pool of quality builders to choose from. Learn more about choosing a builder.

SIP Technical Advisor

We have also learned that providing a technical advisor for your builder during the installation of your Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) is the most cost-effective way to ensure quality.

SIP installation can go very quickly, once your builder becomes familiar with the process, and with the expert assistance of our advisor.

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