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Resort Inspired Winter Retreats

As the crisp colors of autumn give way to the white of winter, thoughts frequently turn to upcoming holidays and to the break from school and work commitments that accompany this time of year. In addition to family gatherings and …
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PrecisionCraft Architectural Styles Part III

This is the final article in our series about the six architectural styles at PrecisionCraft. The intent behind this series has been to act as your guide through each design style. By including a touch of history, distinct architectural features, …
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PrecisionCraft Architectural Styles Part II

Because PrecisionCraft clients approach the planning of their homes in different ways, a comprehensive overview of architectural styles may be helpful during the decision-making process. With these individual needs in-mind, this series of articles offers insight into our six, unique, …
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PrecisionCraft Architectural Styles Part I

PrecisionCraft offers six distinct architectural styles, each with a large number of conceptual floor plans from which to seek inspiration. Because each person is unique, there is no “correct” approach when beginning the planning of a PrecisionCraft home. Many PrecisionCraft …
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Building a Log Home

When considering the purchase of a log home, it is important to understand the unique building requirements of log homes. Of course PrecisionCraft builds to these log home standards– and always will. With over 100 years of combined experience dedicated …
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Handcrafted Log Homes Offer Authentic Heritage

Authentic handcrafted log homes are synonymous with beauty and artistry. From the large, tapered, hand-peeled logs to their meticulous stacking, the intricate workmanship of skilled craftsmen brings out the natural beauty of the wood. This rustic authenticity beckons the viewer …
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