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Non-Settling System for Our Log Homes

The Houseal Non-Settling System™ is the most significant innovation in the log home construction since the invention of the chain saw. The Houseal Non-Settling (HNS) System™ prevents logs from settling and solves a host of potential problems for log home …
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The Evolution of a Mountain-Style Home

For generations, log and timber homes have been family retreats, hunting cabins, primary homes, and seasonal havens. Over time, the idea of mountain-style homes has evolved, moving from relatively simple four-wall structures to more dynamic and complex structures. These developments …
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Log Homes: Kit or Custom

Falling in love with a log home is easy. Whether you spot your ideal home in a magazine, at a home show, or from behind the wheel as you travel, when you see the “perfect” log home, it hits you …
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