Value of M-T-N Design

Only by combining artistic excellence with technical savvy can you truly achieve distinctive mountain style architecture. M-T-N has dedicated over 30 years to mastering authentic log and timber home design. Why would you entrust your mountain style home to anyone else?

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Technical Expertise

You must know what is possible before you can exceed expectations. While some designers limit their creativity because they lack technical knowledge of log and timber structures, M-T-N is dedicated to expanding our potential. We only hire creative design professionals with degrees in architecture. Each of those designers goes through at least one year of specialized training before they can start to work with clients.

Material Flexibility

The variety of authentic textures, sizes and shapes available to our designers provides them with the artistic freedom to truly bring your vision to life. Your M-T-N designer can incorporate a full range of authentic mountain style materials into your design, including square and round milled log, handcrafted logs, and timber framing.

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Designed To Your Budget

An integral part of our process is to design a home that meets your entire building budget. We hear too many stories of people who hire an architect to design their dream home, only to be crushed later when they learn that the actual cost to build the home is beyond their budget. Your M-T-N designer understands how each aspect of your design, from square footage to your mix of log and timber materials, will affect your cost to build.

Patented Engineering

PrecisionCraft’s patented building systems enable your M-T-N designer to push the boundaries of wood home design and construction. We can design authentic log homes taller, incorporate multiple corners at non-right angles, and mix log wall with timber structure in a single design. These systems give us the creative freedom to design the most intricate and architecturally distinctive mountain style homes in the world.

Cost Feasibility

Energy Efficient

Mountain style homes are known for having a cozy atmosphere complete with comfy seating and relaxing moments. M-T-N goes a step beyond the feeling of warmth and designs homes that are extremely warm and comfortable. M-T-N homes are designed using energy-efficient Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Insulated Concrete Forms. Not only will you achieve a better-built home, you can qualify for green certification programs such as LEED®, ENERGUIDE® and Energy Star®.

Better Built

Our homes expertly blend traditional wood home heritage with modern building science. By combining SIP construction with our engineered log and timber structures, we offer a systems-built approach that results in exceptional quality and a more efficient construction timeline. All while capturing the charm and character of the historic wood homes that you love.

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Is Your Project A Candidate?

The best projects for the PrecisionCraft Design • Fabricate • Build construction solution are ones that are near one of our Design-Build offices, have a qualifying building budget, and for which we can meet your construction timeline. If your dream home is outside of these parameters, we would still love to design and fabricate the shell of your mountain home, via one of our other construction solutions.

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