Hybrid Log and Timber Homes

Handcrafted Hybrid Log and Timber Homes

A hybrid, by definition, is a mixing of two elements to create something that was not there before. A PrecisionCraft hybrid log and timber home brings together two or more of our product lines to create homes with a distinct flare. Timber-framed great rooms flow effortlessly into log-walled dining rooms. A one-of-a-kind entryway showcases handcrafted posts that support custom timber trusses. These are just a few of the possibilities when building a PrecisionCraft hybrid log and timber home.

Characteristics of a Hybrid Log and Timber Home

Hybrid log and timber frame homes offer the aesthetic qualities of multiple techniques. Your hybrid home can include the warm, unique texture of hand-peeled logs and the bold, sleek lines of timber framing. Characteristics of our hybrid homes include:

  • Mix handcrafted log, milled log and timber framing in the same structure
  • Authentic hand-hewn texture on log sections
  • Strong lines with timber frame pieces
  • Hardy Douglas Fir that offers excellent density and wood grain character
  • The Houseal Non-Settling System™ allows us to erect structurally sound log wall sections, even if the wall next to it is not a log wall
  • The same textures available in our log and timber product lines can be incorporated

The classic, textured look of hand-hewn logs connects your home with its natural surroundings. Timber framing adds contemporary elements to the log portions of your home to create a harmonious mountain style design. Bring the timber and log textures inside to add warmth and visual intrigue to your living spaces.

Our hybrid log and timber frame homes offer plenty of design possibilities. Embrace classic styles inspired by the French countryside or create a luxurious rustic getaway. PrecisionCraft collaborates with you to bring your hybrid home to life.

Hybrid Log & Timber Home Photos

Building a Hybrid Log and Timber Home

Our building process for your hybrid home begins with the logs and timbers for your final design. The general process includes these two steps:

  • Timber frame sections are fabricated and readied for shipment with the rest of the materials
  • Handcrafted elements of the design are produced, and if necessary, the prefabricated timber is used to ensure a perfect fit where they are to be connected.

For the timber parts of your home, we use a CNC machine to create smooth pieces that meet the exact specifications of your design. To connect timber pieces, we use mortise and tenon. This method involves cutting precision notches and shaping pieces to fit inside. We also use a CNC machine for this process to ensure the utmost accuracy.

The handcrafted log process requires delicate craftsmanship and fine attention to detail. Our craftsmen personally select each log for your custom home based on their features. Then, they complete the hand-peeling process to create the stunning texture you want for your home. We check the precision of the logs by assembling them at our plant. Finally, we disassemble and send the logs to your site.

Wood Home Fabrication

Structural Envelope of a Hybrid Log and Timber Home

PrecisionCraft hybrid log and timber homes use the best and most efficient building methods to deliver you the highest quality home possible. This can include:

  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms): We install ICF in the basement or conditioned crawlspace to extend the footprint of your hybrid log home. We premanufacture ICF pieces with our sister company to ensure precise measurements for your custom space.
  • Handcrafted or milled log walls:  Your hand-hewn log walls will include chinking to seal the gaps between each log. This process is essential for weatherproofing and insulation.
  • Timber framing: Mortise and tenon joinery bring timber frame elements together to contribute to your structural envelope and the overall style of your home.
  • SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) roof and walls: Our sister company, Insulspan, manufactures SIP to install on all walls without logs. Using SIP makes your home energy-efficient and ensures the indoors are comfortable all year long.

Structural Shell          Energy Efficiency

Hybrid Log and Timber Designs and Floor Plans

Use our in-house design group, M.T.N Design, to create drawings for your custom hybrid log and timber home. We have the expertise to incorporate our hybrid timber frame building system into your design concept. You can provide inspiration photos or collaborate with our team to create your design fully from scratch.

The design process is an exciting step when building a custom log and timber home, and we want to make sure your floor plan has every element you’re searching for.

Floor Plan Concepts

Browse our floor plan gallery to get ideas. Each of our plans were originally imagined using one of our product lines, but any plan can be redrawn as a hybrid log and timber design.

We offer an extensive list of floor plans that fall into one or more of our six architectural series. These design styles can help you pinpoint which aesthetic qualities you’re drawn to the most. Do you love the large windows and peaked roofs of manors in the French countryside? Or maybe you’re searching for a rustic feel with large log posts framing your entryway. Our mission is to help you find the style that truly speaks to you.

Floor Plan Concepts          Custom Design

Benefits of a Hybrid Log and Timber Home

Hybrid timber and log homes offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Fully custom design: Your hybrid log and timber frame home will be completely personalized to you, from the floor plan to the exterior design elements. These custom homes offer a one-of-a-kind appearance that you can’t find on the market. You have control over every element, from where you use the hand-peeled logs in your design to how you incorporate the timber framing.
  • Wood textures: The stunning natural textures of wood bring a unique quality to every project. Hand-hewn logs showcase the eye-catching peeled texture with the woodgrain and color shifts that occur naturally in trees. Timber pieces highlight this texture in a different way. These pieces show off the smooth patterns of the grain and feature the artistic knots found in wood. With a brightening finish, you can enjoy these natural elements in every part of your home.
  • Design flexibility: Hybrid log and timber homes complement many design styles, from modern mountain homes and French chalets to rustic getaways. Bring together the warm wood textures of a hybrid home with your preferred design aesthetic.
  • Impressive longevity: PrecisionCraft’s time-tested fabrication process leaves you with a home made to last. Enjoy the beauty of your custom hybrid home for generations.

Create Your Dream Home With PrecisionCraft

PrecisionCraft is a luxury log and timber home designer that strives to bring your unique vision to life. Our commitment to the fabrication process and talented team of designers and craftsmen allow us to deliver a comprehensive custom home experience. Collaborate with us to create your home from scratch and enjoy your hybrid home for your next getaway.

Contact us today to learn more about our process and get started. Our team is eager to explore your ideas and create your custom floor plan.

We Build Award Winning Dream Homes

Our PrecisionCraft experts have won various timber home awards, energy efficient awards, design awards, and home distinctions for over a decade. Check out our collection and see why we stand out among the rest.


Check out our most recent awards from 2023:

Tributary Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (2,001 to 3,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

Big Sky Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (3,001 to 4,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

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