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PrecisionCraft is known for creating amazing log and timber homes that are inspired by the diverse mountain ranges of North America. We look to nature, and the materials found there, to design our signature mountain style homes. PrecisionCraft is able to provide our clients with a full range of authentic mountain style homes because of our comprehensive product line and award-winning design team.

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Types of Mountain Style Homes

Mountain style homes are characterized by open timber frame concepts with log and timber building techniques. These homes feature natural texture and durable structures that last for generations. While wood is a key material in these homes, other natural elements like stone often make an appearance to reflect the environment.

PrecisionCraft specializes in a range of construction styles to create custom mountain homes. Each mountain home style offers unique characteristics that blend seamlessly with magnificent natural surroundings. In collaboration with our passionate and talented designers and craftsmen, you can bring one of these luxury mountain home styles to life. Learn more about each mountain home style below.

Handcrafted Log Homes

One of the most authentic options for achieving a true mountain style is to build a handcrafted log home. Each individual log is hand-peeled and cut to fit in the exact space needed. The draw-knife marks, chinking between the log courses and sheer size of the logs hearken back to the rustic days of old, when pioneers first created homesteads.

While our custom handcrafted homes are reminiscent of the pioneers, we elevate them with a luxurious feeling to reflect your modern sensibilities. We design log homes with stunning wraparound porches, elegant windows and bold rooflines to create a sculpturesque home among the landscape. Enjoy the traditionalism of a log home with the high-end design sense of our craftsmen.

Timber Frame Homes

PrecisionCraft timber frame homes are built using heavy timbers which reflect their rugged surroundings. We choose materials, such as stone, shake or stucco to help define the individual style of each timber home in its environment. Our award-winning design group can help you achieve anything from a Mountain Modern™ look with sloping rooflines and walls of glass, to a mountain home design that is reminiscent of old mining towns.

Timber frame homes showcase the natural texture of wood with knots and color variability on display. This texture brings warmth to your space and complements every design style. Our craftsmen highlight their expertise through carefully crafted mortise and tenon. These wooden pieces are intricately carved to form the joiners between each piece of timber. These homes can be constructed entirely from wood with sleek, natural attachments in every corner.

Hybrid Log & Timber Frame Homes

PrecisionCraft’s hybrid log and timber homes mix two building styles to create one-of-a-kind signature homes. Our unique building system allows us to incorporate any of our product lines together in a single structure. This flexibility opens the creative doors for our design team to create your unique mountain style home – exactly as you envision it.

This design style marries the sleeker texture of timber frame with the recognizable shape and feel of logs. Combining these two elements offers a uniquely rustic yet luxurious look and feel. Our design team offers mastery in architecture to create incredible home layouts and eye-catching accents on hybrid homes. Elevate these hybrid homes with other materials like stone or stucco to create a dynamic look.

Milled Log Homes

Modern technology has given us flexibility in designing today’s greatest milled log homes. While round milled logs are a great alternative to handcrafted logs, milling also gives us the ability to cut square log walls, and “D” log walls which have round profiles outside and flat interiors. Is a milled log home your perfect mountain style retreat?

While this technology enables our craftsmen to embrace different design concepts, their architectural sensibilities create a truly unique home. With access to more unique log shapes, these log homes can take your custom design even further. Use different log shapes throughout your home to create standout columns on your front porch, detailed roof supports or unique window details.

Log Post & Beam Homes

Log post and beam construction utilizes large-diameter log posts and beams instead of traditional horizontal log walls. The result is a gorgeous wood home with a character all its own. Contemporary interior walls are framed in warm wood hues and exterior walls can have a variety of finishes, including stucco, shake, siding or stone.

Many of our clients appreciate log post and beam homes for their impressive versatility. These homes often feature the warm wood texture and log motif throughout the exterior while using it as a smaller accent inside. This design choice can be a beautiful way to showcase modern interior design preferences with more toned-down wood on the interior walls.

Benefits of Mountain Style Homes

Mountain style homes are pieces of art. While they complement nature, they also stand out against the landscape. At PrecisionCraft, our luxury mountain style homes offer many advantages to homeowners, including:

  • Warm wood textures: A recognizable benefit of mountain style homes is the warm wood texture throughout. While many homeowners will look for wood trim, doors and other details, mountain style homes bring this texture everywhere — inside and out. Log construction styles offer visual interest with their rounded shapes, while timber construction highlights the wood grain texture that’s so widely adored.
  • Artistic craftsmanship: Regardless of the construction type you choose for your mountain style home, you can expect intricate craftsmanship. Our team of experienced and passionate designers offers an artistic perspective that can make every corner of your custom home stunning. After your home is built, you can continue to appreciate the time and attention that went into every detail.
  • Connection to nature: A core component of the mountain style home is its connection to nature. The home’s architecture often reflects the outdoors. The roofline can be reminiscent of a mountain range with its peaks and valleys. The columns supporting the front porch can look like an extension of the surrounding forest. Large windows often make the scenery part of the interior design. This beautiful fusion between indoor and outdoor environments is what makes the mountain style so attractive.
  • Luxurious details: At PrecisionCraft, we design luxury mountain style homes. While our projects connect with nature and feature warm wood, they also embody high-end details, like large wraparound porches, vaulted ceilings and tall windows. Your custom mountain style home is a retreat, and it will have all the luxurious details that make your space worth relaxing in.

Start Designing Your Dream Home Today

When you’re searching for a luxury custom home that honors rustic architecture, PrecisionCraft is the expert to work with. As a premier designer and producer of mountain style homes, we have an impressive portfolio with both contemporary and traditional designs. Our Total Home SolutionSM ensures you have support from the early stages of design to the moment you turn the key.

In select locations, we offer design-fabricate-build services where our team can handle construction alongside design and fabrication. For homes outside of this region, our project management team will oversee your project to keep every step in line with your design. As part of our BuilderSelect™ services, we will find a qualified builder on your behalf to complete the work.

At PrecisionCraft, we create stunning luxury log and timber homes that make memorable retreats. We look forward to collaborating with you and making your dream home a reality. Get in touch with us today.

Partner With An Award Winning Team

Our award winning team has many awards in multiple areas of timber home design and architecture. Check out our extensive collection of award winners as they attest the premier quality you’ll get when partnering with our experts.


Check out our most recent awards from 2023:

Tributary Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (2,001 to 3,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

Big Sky Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (3,001 to 4,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

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