Post and Beam Style Homes

Post and beam framing is a timeless building method that offers longevity and style for timber frame homes. This technique uses logs for structural support, with vertical log posts to carry horizontal logs. The post and beam construction style can be created using square timber framing or round logs. The resulting homes have natural log surfaces inside and out to carry the warmth and texture of wood throughout the home. Optional framed walls give you design freedom to create your ideal space. For those who want to enjoy the warmth and grandeur of a log home without the use of traditional log wall construction, log post and beam homes may be the perfect option. PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes can create a home that blends the best characteristics of a log home with more conventional exterior siding and interior color.

Characteristics Of A Log Post and Beam Home

Post and beam home plans have the following characteristics:

  • Structure consists of handcrafted logs
  • Handcrafted log posts and beams are tapered and retain drawknife marks
  • Designs integrate decorative and structural frame elements
  • Structural shell is made from Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • Bolts, plates and other metal fasteners keep the timber beams in place

If you want a different aesthetic without exposed fastenings, consider the mortise and tenon framing style. The tenon is a cut end of one timber that fits into a square-shaped cut, called the mortise, in another timber. Mortise and tenon framing does not require fasteners, creating a seamless aesthetic without sacrificing longevity.

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Construction Process for Building a Log Post and Beam Home

PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes uses a precise fabrication process to ensure excellent craftsmanship. Our project management team ensures every log we use to build your home meets our strict standards for the highest possible quality. We take pride in every home we craft, and we exemplify our quality standards throughout the course of your project.

Building a post and beam home involves:

  • Quality timber: We specifically hand-select each timber used for your project. We focus on Douglas fir, but have and will use other species to make your home unique.
  • Bark peeling: Handcrafted logs are hand-peeled with a drawknife to remove the bark, leaving behind beautiful and natural wood.
  • Lathing: After our logs are draw knifed by hand, we place them on our giant lathe that shaves the logs into a uniform diameter.
  • Milling: Each log is hand-cut with a chainsaw to a precise length. These cut logs fit exactly together. We will also add the notches and drilled holes needed based on our Houseal Non-Settling System™.
  • Assembly: Log post and beam homes are pre-assembled on our lot in Idaho and reassembled on your foundation by the same crews.

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Structural Envelope Of A Log Post and Beam Home

PrecisionCraft log post and beam homes use industry-leading building methods for high-performance efficiency. Your custom log home will embody natural textures and fine craftsmanship, and the practical capabilities ensure it lasts. Your home — from the foundation to the roof — will offer the comfort, beauty and quality you expect.

Achieving structural quality in your post and beam home involves:

  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs): We build foundation walls, basements and conditioned crawlspaces using ICFs. ICFs easily match your complex home footprint while providing an insulation layer.
  • Handcrafted logs: We can build log post and beam structures with handcrafted logs, depending upon your desired look. Each option offers excellent structural integrity.
  • SIPs: Exterior portions that are not a full-log construction use SIPs for the walls and roof. Ready-to-assemble SIPs from Insulspan offer continuous insulation to reduce air filtration for year-round comfort.

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Log Post and Beam Designs and Floor Plans

PrecisionCraft’s in-house firm M-T-N Design can work with you to design the layout and structure of your log post and beam home plans based on your ideas and inspiration. Post and beam homes are quite flexible, so you can integrate practically any design choice you want.

Floor Plan Concepts

You can also browse our floor plan gallery to get ideas. Each of our plans was originally imagined using one of our mountain styles or architectural series, but any of our plans can be redrawn as a log post and beam home. You can use one of the floor plans you see on our website as a starting point and change the layout to what you’ve envisioned for your home. We can also collaborate with you to create a completely new layout that reflects your vision.

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Advantages of a Post and Beam Structure

Post and beam construction is popular for timber homes for its many benefits, including:

  • Strong framework: Post and beam timbers are very strong and create impressive structural integrity for your home. Unlike other building styles, post and beam framing does not require interior walls to bear weight.
  • Customizable floor plans: Without the need for weight-bearing walls, you have design freedom when creating your post and beam construction plans. Plan an open-concept layout throughout a level or place walls, doors and windows exactly where you want them.
  • Natural beauty: Post and beam homes have exposed beams that bring warmth to spacious interiors. The patterns and textures of these exposed beams become a notable design element and work with your interior design choices to create a truly unique space.
  • Quick construction: Post and beam construction can be built and assembled quickly since this style has few structural joints.
  • Long-lasting build: With proper upkeep, your post and beam home will last for decades. The longevity of these luxury homes allows them to pass through the generations, representing family legacies and memories shared.
  • Environmental friendliness: Post and beam homes are built without chemically treated wood, which helps the structure last longer, look better and support the environment.
  • Energy efficiency: PrecisionCraft post and beam options are more energy-efficient, allowing you to effectively heat and cool your space for comfort throughout the year.

Create a Custom Post and Beam Home With PrecisionCraft

PrecisionCraft is a premium log and timber home designer that turns your vision into a stunning reality. Our craftsmen collaborate with you to create a custom floor plan and exterior design. Our team also oversees construction and project management to maintain the integrity and quality of your post and beam design build from start to finish.

We work with customers across the United States and in Canada and international locations. We design, fabricate and build homes for customers in the Pacific Northwest region, including Washington, Oregon and Idaho, with areas in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California. For regions outside of our design-fabricate-build service area, contact us and we’ll find qualified contractors to bring your design to life.

Start creating your dream home with PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes — contact us to schedule a consultation with our team.

PrecisionCraft’s Award Winning Team

From home excellence, premier design, energy efficiency, and various other aspects of timber frame homes, PrecisionCraft has been winning awards across the board. Our extensive collection of winners for over a decade is a testament of the quality you get when partnering with us.


Check out our most recent awards from 2023:

Tributary Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (2,001 to 3,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

Big Sky Residence: 2023 Excellence in Timber Home Design (3,001 to 4,000 sq.ft.) – NAHB Building Systems Councils

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