Non-Settling System for PrecisionCraft Log Homes

The Houseal Non-Settling System™ is the most significant innovation in the log home construction since the invention of the chain saw. The Houseal Non-Settling (HNS) System™ prevents logs from settling and solves a host of potential problems for log home builders and homeowners.

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The Issue

Settling of log homes has always been an issue, adding cost and complexity to log home construction. Because logs tend to shrink and settle over time, the multiple layers of logs compound the effect of wood shrinkage. A traditional 10’ log wall will settle upwards of 6 to 8 inches depending upon the moisture content of the logs. To counter the effects of settling, builders must use special log home construction methods to counter the effects of settling. Jacks, slip joints, and over-sized trim and fascia are techniques used to counteract the effects of settling in traditional log home construction. In addition, constant maintenance is required until the logs have fully settled.

The Solution

Using the Houseal Non-Settling System™, a patented method of constructing log homes, ensures logs will not settle. The HNS System was developed by Barry Houseal, a well-known structural engineer and log home expert. The basic premise of the HNS System is fairly simple. A column of steel pipe and pins holds each log layer in place. The steel pipe prevents the logs from moving down with gravity as they settle and shrink because the steel pipe supports each log layer and roof members.

Architects and designers love the HNS System because it gives more flexibility in the use of log elements. Builders love the HNS System because it eliminates settling jacks, trim boards, and other construction techniques necessary to counter log settling. Engineers also love the HNS System because the steel adds strength to the log walls.

PrecisionCraft has chosen to use the Houseal Non-Settling System™ in all Handcrafted Log Homes and Milled Log Homes. We believe the HNS System is an innovation that adds significant value for our clients.

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