How Does Product Choice Affect Manufacturing Time?

PrecisionCraft offers clients a wide range of product styles for constructing their homes. Some prefer milled logs while others like timber frame. Each product style has a different impact on how long it will take to build your custom home. Let’s take a look at how the manufacturing time of each style relates to construction timelines.

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Handcrafted Log Homes

The beauty of handcrafted log homes is found in the size and rustic nature of the logs. This look is achieved by hand-peeling the logs and cutting each log individually.

With a PrecisionCraft handcrafted log home, detailed construction drawings are used by seasoned handcrafters as they cut and stack each log expertly, right here at the manufacturing plant. Once these craftsmen put the frame together, they drill for PrecisionCraft’s handcrafted non-settling system. Then, the craftsmen disassemble the home directly onto the trucks which transport the logs to your build site. The same crew that erected the home at the plant travels to your build site and begins the task of resetting the logs on your foundation.

A handcrafted home can take many months before it is ready for dry-in by your contractor. If you are interested in the authenticity of handcrafted logs, make sure you account for the lengthy timeline needed.

Milled Log Homes

When you choose to build a milled log home, the manufacturing process is quick and precise.  Computerized machines use the detailed drawings supplied by M-T-N Design to cut your project one log at a time. The logs are pre-drilled for PrecisionCraft’s patented non-settling system. Each log is bar-coded and bunked (which means packed) with logs that will be erected at the same time. The bunks are shipped to the job site where PrecisionCraft’s professional stacking crews erect your log home on the foundation. Rather than taking months like a handcrafted log home, a milled log home is cut in a matter of days and erected within a few weeks.

Timber Frame Homes

Your timber frame home begins in much the same way as a milled log home; however, this time the detailed drawings are entered into a CNC machine which will cut each piece. This includes any angles, ornamental details, and of course, the mortise and tenon connections. These timber pieces are then hand-fitted by our talented crew before leaving the manufacturing plant. Once the timber fittings are perfect, they are disassembled and sent to your site. Once again, PrecisionCraft’s professional crew will arrive at your site with the timbers and assemble the frame. Depending on the detail of your timbers and the amount of framing in your design, the manufacturing can take from a week to a month. Installation is usually complete within a week’s time.

Hybrid Homes

PrecisionCraft specializes in hybrid homes. Hybrid homes feature a combination of log and timber elements within the same structure. The PrecisionCraft project manager coordinates the manufacturing of all the logs and timbers so that everything will ship together to your site.

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