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PrecisionCraft is known for building the best quality log and timber homes, and efficiency is a key part of any successful home. That is why our building system includes some of the industry’s most energy-efficient products and methods. We are here to assist you with your energy efficiency goals. Learn more about measuring the efficiency of your home, having your home certified, or building off-grid.

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Energy Inspections

There are a few tests that can be performed to measure the efficiency of your log or timber home. These include a blower door test (measures tightness of your envelope) and infrared imaging (measures thermal heat loss).If you are interested in having an energy inspection, one is automatically included in two of our custom Construction Solutions.

  • Base Contract: You or your chosen builder can order an independent inspection.
  • BuilderSelect™: Your PrecisionCraft Project Manager will coordinate an independent inspection.
  • Design Build: Your PrecisionCraft Project Manager will coordinate an independent inspection.

Blower Door Test

How tightly is your home sealed? Limiting air leakage, means your conditioned air stays inside, reducing the amount of energy required to keep your home heated or cooled. A blower door test measures the air infiltration rate of your home. Blower door tests, which are required for most certification programs, provide an industry standard measure of your home’s efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Home Certifications

We have worked with a number of clients who were interested in achieving certification for their log or timber home. Some people take pride in knowing they have a high-performance home, while others are preparing for a future sale of the home. Programs we have experience with include:

Leed Certified Platinum Log Home

The house above was the first true log home to be certified Platinum by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. While homes with log siding have been certified in the past, this energy-efficient log home has authentic log walls.

Going Off-Grid

If you are interested in building a log or timber home that is either off-grid (not connected to a power source) or net-zero (you replace the energy you consume from the grid), we can play a key part in your success.

  • Reduce Energy Use – This is our direct contribution to your goal. Our building systems create well-insulated, tightly sealed, homes that reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool.
  • Energy Production – While we don’t provide solar panels or other products that produce energy, we can help you prepare your home for their incorporation. This includes: leaving room in your mechanical area for equipment needed to capture and invert energy, preparing the roof for solar panel install, and adding specialized wire chases inside the SIP panels.
  • Water Capture / Reduction – If one of your goals is to reduce water consumption or use rainwater capture methods, we can make sure that the design takes your needs into account.


Energy-Efficient Design

The success of an energy-efficient home starts with design. As you explain your overall goals to your M-T-N designer, make sure to discuss your expectations for your home’s energy efficiency.

Window size, orientation to the sun, vaulted spaces, and window overhangs are all design aspects that will have an impact on the efficiency of your home. They also affect the look of the home and your ability to take advantage of view corridors.

Our goal is to utilize the right balance of energy-efficient design techniques in order to meet all of your architectural needs and expectations.

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