The Design Process: Part 1 of Your Custom Home Journey

You have dreamed of a custom log or timber home for years. Now you are ready to embark on the exciting, and daunting, task of finding an architect and builder to create your home. During the design process, you want someone who will listen to your needs and desires. Someone who will look at all the floor plan and design ideas you have collected for years. Someone who will treat your budget as if it was their own. After all, you are entrusting this company with your dreams.

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Working with M-T-N Design

Your vision is the guiding light during the design process when you work with M-T-N Design, the award-winning, in-house design firm of PrecisionCraft. Showing us your ideas, and sharing your needs and desires will help us design the perfect home for you. The degreed architects of M-T-N Design can:

  • design a home from scratch
  • customize any of our floor plan concepts
  • combine sections of multiple plans to meet budget parameters.

Starting the Design Process

When you are ready, the design process of the Total Home Solution(SM) starts with a Design Development Agreement. Once this agreement is signed, your client representative schedules a visit to your property. During this visit, you and your client representative will walk the site, take photos, and discuss home positioning. The degreed architect who will work on your home design can attend this site visit if you would like.

Floor plan changes sketched during Conceptual Design Meeting.

After the site visit, you will have a live, interactive Conceptual Design meeting with your team either by web conference or in-person. This meeting, which typically lasts between 4-6 hours, is where we bring your vision to life. You will watch as the designer creates your custom home plan and makes design sketches. He will also explain how the changes affect the design and the cost of the home.

Turning your dream home into a reality means more than just conceiving the perfect plan. It also means designing a home at a cost that you are willing and able to spend. Budget parameters are formally established at the Conceptual Design Meeting ensuring your entire turnkey budget is contemplated throughout the design process.

What Is Included?

Over the next few weeks, your designer will prepare Conceptual Design Drawings of your custom home. These drawings include:

  • dimensioned floor plans
  • complete elevations
  • 4-color, 3D exterior perspective rendering of your home
  • 3D component drawings of the log and/or timber frame structure, structural insulated panel (SIP) envelope, and the insulated concrete forms (ICFs) used in the foundation
  • Virtual tour of your home’s exterior and interior

When the conceptual design drawings are presented to you, we will provide a firm materials package price for the logs and/or timbers, SIPs, and ICFs. We will also revisit your turnkey budget.

The Result

The goal of M-T-N Design and PrecisionCraft is to design you a home you will love for the investment you are willing and able to make. We know that the homes we design may not be perfect in every respect the first time. That is why we use your feedback on the Conceptual Design Drawings package to revise your home design. We will also review how the changes affect your turnkey budget.

At the end of the design process, you will have a complete conceptual home design that is ready for the next step of the Total Home Solution(SM)…

Construction Solutions: Part 2 of Your Custom Home Journey.

Total Home Solution

Over the last 25 years, M-T-N Design and PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes have developed the Total Home Solution(SM) (THS), a unique approach to designing and building your custom log and timber home. THS offers you peace of mind, a streamlined design and construction process, and limits the costly effects of transitioning your project between vendors because one team works on your home from start to finish.

M-T-N Design starts this process by designing your custom home, and the PrecisionCraft team completes the manufacturing and installation of your home’s shell. This shell includes the log and/or timber frame structure, structural insulated panel (SIP) envelope, and the insulated concrete forms (ICFs) used in the foundation. PrecisionCraft also offers several construction solutions to easily meet your needs.

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