Construction Solutions: Part 2, Your Custom Home Journey

The first part of this series discussed the advantages of M-T-N Design’s and PrecisionCraft’s Total Home Solution(SM) (THS) design process. This article will discuss the construction solutions offered as part of THS. The successful team approach of Total Home Solution(SM) ensures continuity of your custom home project from design through construction.

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Designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs, the construction solutions offered by PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes include the following:

  • Base contract
  • BuilderSelect
  • Design Build Services

Base Contract

The Base Contract is best for you if you already have a builder with whom you want to work. PrecisionCraft will provide you and your builder with a complete set of engineered construction drawings and a dedicated project manager. The project manager will answer any construction-related questions, and coordinate scheduling and logistics.

In addition, PrecisionCraft will deliver the logs and/or timbers, the structural insulated panels (SIPs), and the foundation’s insulated concrete forms (ICFs). The Base Contract also includes installation of the logs and/or timbers, and a technical advisor to oversee the SIP installation.

BuilderSelect Construction Solution

If you need help finding a reputable builder, then BuilderSelect is the construction solution best for you. BuilderSelect includes everything in the Base Contact. In addition, the role of the dedicated project manager who joins your Total Home Solution(SM) team expands.

With BuilderSelect, he will produce an expanded cost feasibility report for your custom home. The project manager will also conduct a thorough discovery and vetting process of quality builders local to your build site. After the vetting process, your project manager will coordinate and manage a competitive bid process on your home’s construction.

Once the project manager receives the initial bids from builders, he will review them to ensure the builders are not missing, or overcharging for, items. Next, the project manager will create an apples-to-apples comparison report and present it to you. This report will cover the total expected cost of your home’s construction. Your project manager will then assist in scheduling an opportunity for you to meet and speak with the builders before you make your final choice. Once you have selected a builder, you will contract directly with them.

During Construction

PrecisionCraft’s responsibility under BuilderSelect does not end once you contract with a builder. Or even when your log and/or timber materials package is delivered. Your project manager completes several site inspections to ensure that the builder you hire is constructing your home in accordance with the engineered construction drawings and their high standards.

The first inspection is of the foundation and main floor decking. Confirming these items are built according to plan ensures a smooth installation of the logs and/or timbers, and SIPs. After the SIPs and all other structural components are installed, your project manager will complete another site inspection on the complete structural shell. The final inspection is a home sealing and energy audit which occurs once your home is complete.

Advantages of BuilderSelect

BuilderSelect allows you to leverage PrecisionCraft’s industry knowledge and expertise that it has gained over the last 25 years. Building custom homes is the forte of PrecisionCraft’s project managers. This experience ensures the right questions are asked to confirm if the local builder can produce the quality custom home you deserve.

Design Build Construction Solution

Design Build, PrecisionCraft’s premier construction solution, is offered for select custom home projects. With this solution, PrecisionCraft serves as the general contractor for your home’s entire build. This offers you a single source of contact and accountability.

The THS team’s dedicated project manager will vet and request bids from subcontractors local to your build site. He will prepare and present a report that covers the entire cost to build your home.

Once you approve the cost, your project manager will fulfill the role of full-service general contractor. In addition, the Design Build construction solution provides you with the:

  • log and/or timber materials package,
  • structural insulated panel (SIP) envelope and the insulated concrete forms (ICFs) used in the foundation, and
  • final home sealing and energy audit.

Next Steps

After you have selected a construction solution, and your builder is contracted and engineered construction drawings are complete, you will move into the next phase of the Total Home Solution(SM)…

Fabrication and Installation (Part 3 of Your Custom Home Journey).

Total Home Solution

Over the last 25 years, M-T-N Design and PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes have developed the Total Home Solution(SM) (THS), a unique approach to designing and building your custom log and timber home. THS offers you peace of mind, a streamlined design and construction process, and limits the costly effects of transitioning your project between vendors because one team works on your home from start to finish.

M-T-N Design starts this process by designing your custom home, and the PrecisionCraft team completes the manufacturing and installation of your home’s shell. This shell includes the log and/or timber frame structure, structural insulated panel (SIP) envelope, and the insulated concrete forms (ICFs) used in the foundation. PrecisionCraft also offers several construction solutions to easily meet your needs.

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