Fabrication and Installation: Part 3, Your Custom Home Journey

You completed the custom log or timber home design process with M-T-N Design. You selected your construction solution with PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes. Now, is the time for the fabrication and installation of your new custom home’s logs and/or timbers.

During fabrication and installation, experienced craftsmen, installers, and technical advisors join your Total Home Solution℠ (THS) team. Your PrecisionCraft project manager oversees the scheduling of these team members. This dedicated project manager ensures the seamless continuity of your project from design through fabrication and installation.


The engineered construction drawings generated by M-T-N Design generally comprise 50-60 pages. The plan set includes extensive construction details and materials cut lists. M-T-N Design’s production drafting staff review the materials cut lists. The staff confirms that the plans contain the level of detail needed for proper fabrication of your custom home.

Timbers and milled logs are precisely cut using CNC machines

For timber materials and milled logs, the cut list detail is entered into PrecisionCraft’s CNC (computer numerical control) machines. The CNC machines precisely mill the timbers and logs to the exacting specifications. For handcrafted log homes, PrecisionCraft’s expert craftsmen reference the materials cut lists as they hand craft each log of your new home. Since fabrication occurs in the same building as design and production drafting, solving issues is as easy as walking to someone’s desk.

The materials cut lists also include information about manufacturing the structural insulating panels (SIPs) and insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for your home’s walls, roof, and foundation. PrecisionCraft sends these lists to its sister companies, Insulspan® and Advantage® ICF. These companies manufacture the SIPs and ICFs to the construction drawing’s detailed specifications. Then, the SIPs and ICFs arrive at your build site ready-to-assemble.

Wood Quality

High quality fabrication does not matter if poor quality wood is used. This is why PrecisionCraft only uses wood that meets the standards set by the Log & Timber Homes Council grading program. This program’s accreditation is through the International Accreditation Service. Accreditation ensures that PrecisionCraft’s fabrication process begins with the highest quality wood for your custom home.

A timber artisan works on a truss using hand tools

Post fabrication, PrecisionCraft inspects the wood again. First, the wood undergoes examination for issues that possibly occurred during fabrication. Next, our craftsmen pre-fit timbers and handcrafted logs in the shop. Finally, if the post-fabrication wood quality cannot meet PrecisionCraft’s rigorous standards, the timber or log is rejected. Then, PrecisionCraft fabricates the piece again.


After being precisely milled, inspected for quality, and fitted together, the logs and timbers ship to your build site. Your project manager coordinates the shipping with your build site’s readiness and the arrival of the PrecisionCraft installation team. This specialized team installs the logs and/or timbers of your custom home. The team’s years of expertise and experience save time during your construction schedule, saving you money.

In addition to logs and/or timbers, your PrecisionCraft custom home may include SIP walls and/or roof panels. If this is the case, PrecisionCraft’s install team includes a technical advisor who assists your builder with the SIP installation.

A log craftsman works in the Idaho manufacturing yard


When building a handcrafted log home, the installation team is comprised of the same craftsmen who hand peeled each log and meticulously assembled them in the PrecisionCraft manufacturing yard. Using a dedicated team for the fabrication and installation of a handcrafted log home preserves your home’s quality. It also helps maintain the project schedule because the craftsmen already know how each log fits with the adjacent logs.

Final Piece of Total Home Solution℠

We covered how M-T-N Design and PrecisionCraft complete the design, fabrication, and installation of your log and timber home. The final piece of M-T-N Design’s and PrecisionCraft’s Total Home Solution℠ –materials used while building your home. Read the final article in this series, Better Building Materials (Part 4 of Your Custom Home Journey).

Total Home Solution℠

Over the last 25 years, M-T-N Design and PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes developed the Total Home Solution℠ (THS), an unique approach for designing and building your custom log and timber home. THS offers you peace of mind, a streamlined design and construction process, and limits the costly effects of transitioning your project between vendors because one team works on your home from start to finish.

M-T-N Design starts this process by designing your custom home, and the PrecisionCraft team completes the manufacturing and installation of your home’s shell. This shell includes the log and/or timber frame structure, structural insulated panel (SIP) envelope, and the insulated concrete forms (ICFs) used in the foundation. PrecisionCraft also offers several construction solutions to easily meet your needs.

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