Builder Select™ Construction Solution

Is BuilderSelect™ the right construction solution for you? Review the graphic below to learn how this unique construction solution is designed to reduce your stress and optimize your budget dollars. BuilderSelect includes everything from our Base Solution plus the following:

PrecisionCraft’s BuilderSelect™ services include: Builder Due DiligenceTM, Cost Controls, and Site Inspections

Benefits of Precision Craft’s Builder Select™ Services

  • Save Money
  • Shorten Build Times
  • Reduce Stress / Feel Confident In Your Choices

Conceptual Design Phase • Helping You Meet Your Building Budget

Home Cost Estimate

An important aspect of your conceptual design phase is making sure that your home is designed to your intended budget. This is a Formula-Based estimate that uses your designated level of finishes and the overall design of your home.

Precision Craft Home Cost Estimate

Complied by your Precision Craft Project Manager Based on your Conceptual Design


Helping You Find the Best Builder for Your Project

Builder Due Diligence™
As part of BuilderSelect™, your expert PrecisionCraft Project Manager will identify potential builders in your area and evaluate them, based on the following:

  • Time: Does the availability of the builder meet your desired schedule? Is the builder being realistic about your schedule?
  • Cost: Does the builder’s bid accurately reflect the work required in the construction document? See below for more details.
  • Quality: Does the builder have a reputation for quality work? Does this builder’s style match your project needs?

Helping You Get the Best Bid
When builders know they are competing for your business, and that their bids are being reviewed by a knowledgeable Project Manager, you can be assured of getting their best bid.

Builder Bid Evaluations
Our two-step cost estimating process starts with an In-Depth Cost Estimate based on your construction documents, and done by your Precision Craft Project Manager, and ends with a Final Control Estimate prepared by your Chosen Builder.

  • Creation of Your In-Depth Cost Estimate: Based on your construction documents, your Precision Craft Project Manager refines your Home Cost Estimate.
  • Requesting the Bids: We will send each of the prospective builders identified during the Builder Due Diligence™ process a copy of your construction documents and a formal request for bid.
  • Your Project Manger Reviews Bids: Bids are received and then compared to our baseline Home Cost Estimate. This includes making sure that each of your builder candidates are providing bids for similar materials and services.
  • Presentation of the Bids: Your Project Manager will compile all the bids and present them to you in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Differences are notated so you can understand why one is more or less costly than another.
  • You Select a Builder: Based on these bids and the Builder Due Diligence™ information compiled by your Precision Craft Project Manager, you will select a builder. The bid provided by this builder, becomes your Cost Control Estimate.

During the Pre-Construction phase of BuilderSelect™, your Precision Craft Project Manager uses their expertise to conduct comprehensive builder evaluations, which ensure the custom home of your dreams meets your budget, and that the fee you will pay your selected builder is in line with the industry.


Site Inspections

To ensure your home is built in compliance with your engineered construction documents, your Project Manager will facilitate inspections to confirm your home is built to the specifications of your construction documents.

Each inspection is conducted by your authorized Precision Craft construction expert and corresponds with a key milestone in the construction process. The inspections are as follows:

  • Foundation: A minor issue in the foundation can lead to major issues later. That is why your Project Manager will initiate an inspection of the foundation and floor decking, prior to the arrival of the Precision Craft log & timber installation crew. The inspection will ensure that everything is built according to the construction documents. Following the inspection, your Project Manager will provide a written report to your builder and answer any questions they have.
  • Structural Shell: The overall success of your home will be dependent on proper construction and sealing of your structural shell. Our shell inspection identifies any potential issues, before the drywall or other wall coverings are installed. After inspecting your home, with construction documents in hand, your Project Manager will report the findings to you and your builder. This way, any issues can be fixed or adjusted while they are still easily accessible.
  • Energy Audit: It is one thing to say our homes are energy-efficient and another to prove it. Once your home is complete, we will facilitate an energy audit and send you the results. We will also share the findings with your builder, who can easily see where energy is escaping, and fix any problems. This final inspection lets you rest easy knowing that your home was built to be as energy-efficient as it could be.

During the Construction phase of BuilderSelect™, your Inspections verify the quality of your home’s construction to give you peace of mind that you got the best value.


Is Your Project A Candidate?

The best projects for the PrecisionCraft Design • Fabricate • Build construction solution are ones that are near one of our Design-Build offices, have a qualifying building budget, and for which we can meet your construction timeline. If your dream home is outside of these parameters, we would still love to design and fabricate the shell of your mountain home, via one of our other construction solutions.

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