The Ski Chalet…. Reimagined

When the fresh powder beckons and the thrill of gliding down pristine slopes is calling your name, a ski getaway becomes more than just a vacation – it’s an experience that invigorates the spirit, and rekindles the love for nature’s wonders. For those seeking a unique, immersive escape, there is nothing quite as magical as a wintertime getaway to your own log or timber frame chalet in the mountains. Time tested and steeped in tradition, a timber frame or log home rekindles the intimate connection not only to the great outdoors, but also provides a retreat to reconnect with family and loved ones, creating an escape from the modern world. 

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Nothing compares to the  luxury of the indoor spa at the Sandpoint Residence.

North America’s ski towns have a long-standing history of log and timber structures, with their charm, craftsmanship and an overall return to rustic elegance. Originating from the need to build structures that could withstand the harsh elements, log and timber homes have since evolved into modern day masterpieces. From the west coast’s Sun Valley and Jackson Hole to the Blue Ridge mountains of the east coast, PrecisionCraft has been the leader in building log and timber mountain style homes for decades, featuring everything from modern timber frame escapes to handcrafted log retreats in some of the most sought after ski and snow sports destinations.  

The New Meadows Residence features dazzling views of the surrounding winter wonderland.

While these winter wonderlands can be a great investment for snow lovers, many mountain destinations have become popular in the summertime too, with alpine lakes, ziplines, mountain biking trails and trams, creating a multi-season opportunity to maximize your investment. 

The Island Park Residence boasts breathtaking mountain and lake views from every room.

When it comes to creating a memorable escape, great mountain architects excel at capturing the apres-ski atmosphere and designing cozy comfort into every corner: whether you’re ready to curl up next to a crackling fire, or sink into a snow-surrounded hot tub after a day on the slopes, the architectural harmony between the landscape and the home create a magical mountain getaway experience – making it feel as if you’re stepping into a storybook setting where the boundaries between indoors and the untamed beauty of the great outdoors are beautifully blurred.

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