Design Elements to Consider When Building a Mountain Style Home

Sometimes the best design ideas spring from our favorite childhood memories – a camping trip, fishing with Grandpa, building a fort in the woods. And then we grow up, and it all comes back around in that full, beautiful circle – you find that perfect piece of paradise, and these cherished memories now become the foundation to bring your dream of a Mountain Home to life, so you can continue making those same memories with future generations for years to come.

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Mountain Homes are widely unique – they can range from a cozy cabin in the woods, to a vast, modern timber frame estate, but no matter the size, each is distinctively beautiful – because it is built on your foundation of joyous memories.

Pretty and Practical

Mountain Style homes, by definition, are a style of building made up of natural and textured materials that blend into a mountainous environment. While building these can present more unique challenges than building a suburban home on a city block, it is these distinctive elements that set them apart. Let’s look at five important design elements that make up Mountain Style architecture.

Connection to the land: The terrain and slope surrounding the land will have a massive impact on the design and overall look of the home. Whether it is in rugged mountain terrain, on an expansive prairie dotted with wildflowers, or deep in the woods, the best architects will design the home to aesthetically merge into the natural elements surrounding, while preserving the existing land, so the home belongs within the view.

Orientation will also play a major part in the design – thoughtful planning will go a long way towards maximizing the potential of your site, allowing the home to utilize the sun’s natural light to create bright, dramatic spaces, and substituting artwork with walls of windows showcasing every bit of the view.

PrecisonCraft’s Big Sky Residence is perfectly situated to maximize Montana’s stunning views.

Materials + Color Palette: The natural elements of a mountainous environment (snow, wind, temperature swings) can lead to additional stresses on a home, so selecting the proper materials will play an essential role in the design process. Natural, earthy tones, organic elements, and reclaimed wood and stone that will bring the outdoors inside are all standard in Mountain Style homes. An experienced architectural designer will help to narrow down the vast range of materials that will be best suited for your location.

The natural wood and stone elements marry rustic simplicity with luxury. Jackson Hole Residence.

Sloped Roofs: A defining characteristic of Mountain Architecture is sloped rooflines. While they can be complex with multiple angles, or very modern with a single large surface, the incline is distinctive of the mountain style – even to the most basic level of mimicking the shape of a mountain. Inclined roofs are a necessity to resist hail and snow, but these dramatic rooflines are what makes the home stand out, while at the same time blending in.

PrecisionCraft’s South Fork Residence roofline perfectly mimics the mountain landscape.

Lighting: Capturing nature’s raw beauty is the ultimate challenge. The drama of a spectacular sunset should be complimented in a well done lighting plan. Combining warm, textured fixtures with well appointed natural light that goes from bright to soft as the day progresses can take a standard space and transform it to a stunning, luxurious masterpiece.

The Sun Valley residence is a showstopper at dusk.

The Wow Factor: This is your moment – to do the unexpected. A grand entrance framed with timbers taller than you can imagine, a custom staircase, walls of windows, a dynamic stone fireplace, and hand-crafted woodwork – these are the unique elements that will showcase the great outdoors, increase the value of the home as the years go by, and cause your guests to stop in their tracks. The conversation starters where memories are made, and statement pieces that your grandchildren will be excited to show their children.

The Jackson Hole Residence has jaw-dropping features everywhere you look.

Balancing luxury with leisure, capturing the love of the great outdoors, and turning rugged surroundings into a personal paradise – these are the challenges Mountain Style Home designers solve every day, and with an experienced team of professionals to guide you, that majestic mountain home of your dreams can become a reality.

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